Casey Neistat keeps motivating me

I know that when you see Casey for the first time you put him off like some weird YouTube guy but when you actually start to watch some of his stuff you start to get hooked on his energy and passion. For me it was the same, I’ve seen his face pop up on preview images for videos on YouTube a few times and I’ve always thought well he’s one of these guys who’s just doing weird shit but then The Nerdwriter, one of my favorite YouTubers, did an Amazing piece on him so I thought I watch some stuff and hot damn was I kinda wrong.

His pledge to create a Video Blog (or Vlog) entry daily for a year is an ambitious task and combining that with the production value of his Videos you come to appreciate his work even more. His work is never dull or boring and he always finds new and exciting ways to tell a story. The story being a big part of his work, every video tells a small story and he found a unique way to tell them which make his videos stand out from all the people who try to copy him.

He’s been a good place for me to find motivation and ideas and his latest short video is another one of these, but such a special one that speaks to me on so many levels, that I had to dedicate one of my own blog entries to this video and him.

I know this feeling he mentions and it’s one that’s still brewing deep inside of me and I know that I have to get off my ass and actually do something about it because just like he said, making movies is not expensive anymore, you can do cool shit with your cell phone, so go out and do it.

Writing daily again (my own pledge for this year) is my way of getting there. What starts with writing might transfer to other creative outlets. So thank you Casey for once again for motivating and inspiring me!