Baby stopped GnR Show

Yep, I knew it from the start that with Guns N' Roses shows you have to expect the unexpected and you can be sure the show is actually happening when Axl is on stage (well then still something can happen). Being a GnR fan since 1991 I knew that so the disappointment when I've heard that the show got postponed was not that big. But what happened?

Well, I put on my very VERY old GnR shirt and was ready to rock, we entered the train to Zurich when suddenly my friend and I both got massages and calls that the show was canceled. We quickly left the train before it departed and tried to gather some info on what REALLY happened. Apparently 'Brain's wife expected the baby that Wednesday so he was off to the states and the replacement drummer wasn't ready yet.

Well, the show now got postponed to July 1st so no worries. I can wait another 6 days, I've waited 13 years before so :p