My Trip to Stockholm

I went to Stockholm a few weeks ago for a weekend with some buddies of mine and I took my camera with me, obviously, to capture some Images and get better with compositions and everything framing related.

I’m still not seeing the obvious better composition sometimes, especially when it comes to creating depth, but I hope through practice I train my eyes more and more to create even better shots or photographs.

Cursor, it’s finally here

What a process this was, but I finally found the time to finish it and man oh man am I glad it’s finally out there. It all started in August when I shot the first footage, I started a few times in the meantime and the idea of what is now in the final version is something that evolved over the past two months.

I could go into great detail about why it took so long and what I learned doing this short little movie but for now, I just want to put it out there. The retrospective process I will spare for another blog post. In the meantime, enjoy!

How long do we have?

This is not a philosophical question but rather the title of my next project. Yes, I have an idea and a title already and it’s something I’m quite enthusiastic about. I will go into details of what this project is about in another blog entry, for now, I just have to announce it and put some pressure on me.

As for the current project which is long overdue, I have some free time this week so I hope to put it out by the end of it. just have to film one last scene, do some effect work with After Effects and cut the first half a bit tighter, all that should be doable this week.

Colorize the shit out of it

I couldn’t really keep myself from further work on this theme but it was so much fun to do this. Now you can not only switch between Light and Dark mode, no, now you can also choose your own color theme.

In the Settings window, you can choose between 6 colors and of course that color gets saved in your browsers local storage, so when you come back later, the color and the dark/light mode are the same as last time.

The Settings window is also draggable, meaning you can move the window around with your mouse (touch is not supported).

With all those changes one could assume the page speed is suffering from all that, but I also did extensive work under the hood. In my last update I mentioned caching and performance so let me elaborate that a bit.

All the pages get rendered and saved as static html files, meaning no PHP server-side rendering is done instead you get a pure HTML file which makes the site really really fast. Then I also outsourced all the images to a CDN server and also used the new FontAwesome Kit function, which loads the icons from a CDN as well and only the ones in use.

All this leads to a Google Page Speed of friggin’ 95 on Mobile and 99 on Desktop. It may not mean much for you, but for me, this is a spectacular score (I was starting around 40 before I really invested in optimizing the site).

So hopefully I can now call this theme done and move on to other stuff.

So what’s the Status?

I thought I write a short status on what is happening right now and get at least one post in September.


I did some small changes to the theme as you might have noticed when looking at it on a desktop. There are two changes on the front and some small changes on the back.

I changed the Navigation and with that put the main content area on a different plane, now I actually like the light version more again. There’s also the possibility that I will couple the dark/light mode your OS has with the design here, so if you’re using the dark mode in your OS the page is in dark mode as well. This is possible thanks to the new prefers-color-scheme media query which detects the system light or dark mode.

Below the hood, I further optimized caching and performance in order to make the page even faster. Maybe you notice a difference, on my end, it’s snappy as hell when I switch between pages.

The Cursor

So what’s happening on the movie front? Well actually I shot the movie and even started editing, but for me, it’s a rather complex short film and therefore I need more time with it, but I’m coming along even though it’s hard to work on it during the weekdays. I do hope to finish it completely within the next two weeks, it’s about time to focus on something new.

So this is it, that’s what’s been happening in my life recently (among other things of course). So hopefully October will pick up on the blogging part as well.