Winter is finally here!!!

Wait what? Did I miss something? No no, it’s April I know, but still, the most important Winter is finally here. 8 more days and the most anticipated Season of all time will finally arrive.

Ok for those who have no idea what I’m talking about: Game of Thrones the last Season will start in 8 days with its final 6 episodes and conclude an epic saga an epic bang, hopefully. Full two years we had to wait since the last episode and now it’s only 8 more days. I’ve been watching one episode per day for the last 60 days in my 2 months long Game of Thrones marathon, and now I will watch the 7th Season with its 7 episodes which lead nicely to the first episode of the 8th Season next Monday.

It’s one of the reasons I didn’t have much time for much else the last two months, but rewatching all the episodes back-to-back was helpful to get once again up to date on what was happening and most of all who are all those people again.

If you’ve never seen Game of Thrones, you’re missing out, definitely. It’s definitely one of the greats when it comes to TV Shows. The production value is out of this world and the stories are told with so much care that it’s a pleasure to watch it unfold.

But enough chit chat, time to watch another episode.

Start working with Google Tag Manager?

For work, I had to dive into Google Tag Manager which was for me a completely new area. It’s a complex area but I think I slowly get the hang of it, even though it’s not really my favorite subject but I thought in order to get even more out of it I could implement it here on my own website and play around with it.

It’s amazing what can be tracked these days. What someone clicks, how far people scroll, what text they copy, how long they stay on an individual page and a lot more. Now I know that privacy is a big issue these days and don’t worry, IF I start tracking all those things, I would let my few readers know. Then I would of course also anonymize the IP Address. I still have to do some research about an Opt-Out option.

But mostly I would be interested here in scrolling behaviour (after all the page is rather long and it would be interesting to see how far down people scroll). Then of course the ratio between Mobile and Desktop users and what people click.

As I said, when the time comes I will write down in great detail what is being tracked, and maybe even explain why. So I will keep you guys posted on how this project is developing.

Getting into Street Photography

Because making movies or short films or just videos right now is not that easy for me, I started to turn to photography. I mean I will be able to learn compositions in still photography as well and the reason I bought a Sony a7III and not a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, which shoots better video, is because I wanted a great hybrid camera to shoot stills as well.

So here are a few examples of my last Sunday’s stroll around Basel.

I still need to make a lot more pictures and try different things, I’m on one hand still a bit shy to take pictures with people around and I’m also still a bit boxed in when it comes to compositions, I need to break out of my comfort zone (artistically) and be creative.

I will be going to London soon and I hope that being in a HUGE city helps me to stop worrying about what people think when I take pictures and just do it.

What’s the Dealio with the Counter?

I guess you must be wondering why there suddenly is a counter on top and why abandon the red color and use purple now? Well, this whole look isn’t new, a year ago I had this look already and it’s the same reason this year. Avengers Endgame will soon be upon us and I’m so pumped up how a 10-year long area will end.

The counter is more for me, a daily reminder how much closer I am to watching the movie, yes I’m a sucker for dramatic gestures. But not to worry, the counter will be removed and the site go back to red once I’ve seen the movie. Nothing against purple but my color is red!

I’m still walking around in Basel

My most important New Years Resolution this year was the one about walking through EVERY street in Basel. It’s an ambitious project and one that people often under estimate. People don’t realize what that actually means, but there are so many small roads and tiny alleys that you have to walk through some streets more than once in order to cover it all.

It’s an interesting project none the less. You think after many many years living here in Basel I’ve seen it all but there are so many areas where I’ve never been, which is a shame actually, but that’s the idea here, to change all that.

Right now is actually the perfect season because it’s neither cold anymore and nor really hot yet because I kinda fear a hot summer where it’s just unbearable to walk around in town all day on hot concrete.

But for now I try to use the perfect weather conditions and get as much done as possible.