Always the issue with Spoilers

With certain movies for which I’m having high hopes and am really looking forward, I started to avoid Trailers or RottenTomatoes Scores. I did this first with Avengers: Age of Ultron then again with … more →

The Life of Patrick

Just a quick update for today. Actually, I wanted to make an even short status update but then while drawing I had such a blast with these that I decided to post them as today’s Blog post. The reason … more →

Some more doodling around

I took yesterday’s cartoon version of me and used it as a base. So I tested different versions of it, different head-shapes mostly to see what works best. I also tested different ears and shapes for … more →

Trying to find my own Style

I’m trying new styles when drawing faces, this time I tried to overemphasize certain things and go a bit to the extremes. It was drawn rather fast once I had that specific drawing but getting there … more →