YouTube or Vimeo

Because I’m suddenly faced with uploading videos (something I didn’t think I have to deal with so soon) I’m wondering if YouTube is the right place for all this. I looked at Vimeo today and I really like the whole look and feel of their side and how the videos are implemented. The problem is that Vimeo has three different options: Free, Plus & Pro. The free version offers less than YouTube. The Plus option costs 10 bucks a month and is on par with YouTube and then there’s the Pro option for 200 bucks a year which is really cool but not an option for me now. Well, I created an account now and I try it out a bit and maybe in the future go from Vimeo Free to Vimeo Plus.

Update: Well after my first try, I decided to switch to Vimeo for several reasons. First, it just looks better, second, after the video is played, it displays all my other videos which is a lot better than YouTube just showing similar videos. And third, I have more options on how to display the embedded video.