Working on a new Logo

Soap Factory

Well after looking back at the old logos the other day, I decided to take that first one, the simple font logo and try to expand it with an icon. Like I mentioned back then, the 3 things that come to mind when thinking about the-soap are: bubbles, soap bar, factory. So I looked at various images on google by searching for those words to get some inspiration and this is what I came up with.

So I added a simple factory to the logo, first I wasn’t sure where to put it. On my first try, I had it on the left side but then the whole thing got too crowded, so I put it on the right but there it was too dominant, so I added the text Factory inside the factory to take away some of its heaviness. I added some bubbles as clouds coming out of the chimney and that was it.

I’m really happy for now with how it looks, I put it on my desktop as a wallpaper so I can look at it from time to time and maybe see something I can improve. But then just this morning under the shower (the best ideas sometimes come there when there’s no real distraction) I had an idea for a logo that involves the factory again but in a different way. I’m off to work soon and I will probably try to put my idea on paper and then go from there.