WordPress will have a new Editor

With the latest WordPress Update, there was the possibility to use a new Editor with the note that it will become the default Editor with version 5.0 (soon to be released I guess). The new Editor is called Gutenberg and seems to be an attempt to catch up with all those drag and drop builders. Big changes are highly controversial, same as with this one, according to the plugin reviews. So I tested it out myself and I noticed that first, it’s a tad too overblown for my needs and second it’s a lot more complex at first sight. the other problem is the styling. My theme is not able to hand all the changes and there lies now the question, shall I make the necessary changes to my theme so that I can safely use Gutenberg with all its features (most of them I will never need) or should I stick with the basic and simple one for the time being?

I think for now I will stick with what I’m used to, for a SoaPatrickSix I see myself using a much more refined Gutenberg Editor and have all possibilities designed