Winona's new films

The Darwin Awards with Joseph Fiennes

This romantic comedy is inspired by the internet awards which are given to people who die in stupid and unusual ways. Winona plays an insurance claims investigator and J. Fiennes a forensic detective on a road trip to create a profile of a potential Darwin award winner. Production is supposed to begin on November 29th and it looks as if this film is going ahead as planned. It is reported that the band Metallica will make a brief appearance.

The Heart is Deceitful above all things

Winona has a small role as a psychologist in this drama based on an autobiographical novel written by hot young author JT Leroy and directed by his hot young girlfriend Asia Argento. It is about a young boy pulled from a foster home and into a troubled life on the road by his truck stop hooker teenage mother. This film was shown at the 2004 Cannes film festival and will be released sometime in 2005.

A Scanner Darkly

This film was shot last summer in Austin, Texas. It will use a novel style of animation where the scenes are shot with real actors first, then transformed into an animated film. Robert Downey Jr, Woody Harrelson and Keanu Reeves also star. Winona's character is called Donna, and this seems to be a fairly minor role for her. Based on a Philip Dick novel, it is set in a future world where America has lost the war on drugs and features Keanu Reeves as a narco-cop hooked on dope.

Weed (alternative title Mary Warner)

This black comedy with Michael Lehman, her director from Heathers, has set Noniland abuzz with anticipation. It is about a slacker actress who eats her roommate's marijuana brownies and ends up in a series of life-changing misadventures. There is a report that Brendan Fraser may be attached to the project and another that it will start shooting in LA on January 15th. However, this project may not be firm yet.

Oskur Fishman

This was well received by nonifans when it was announced a year ago but presently seems to be stuck in development hell. The story seems to be that the financing fell through. Ben Kingsley was also involved in the project. Reportedly, Oskur Fishman is about a journeyman who is like a child trapped in an old man's body. The story is said to be very dark, surreal, almost Tim Burtonesque.