Winona in Ireland

It seems that 'Autumn in New York' gets good reviews from Noni fans on the message board:)

Maggie' sent me the link to her recently opened Winona page and I forgot to put it up twice, sorry about that Maggie, so here it is:)

'Niall' from Ireland has a nice info for us:) Thanks a lot 'Niall'

Winona was over here in Ireland last weekend. She was at the Witness music festival just outside Dublin where bands like Beck, Travis and the All Saints were playing. It was really cool. There was an article in The Star newspaper over here with a picture of Winona looking her usual essence of coolness. It described her as "Winona the movie babe".

'Delyar' found a great pic from the 'Eyes Wide Shut' premiere:) Btw that's Martin Scorcese on the pic with her:)Thanks a lot 'Delyar':)

I Know that I haven't done a lot for the page lately, I should update the pics section, the fanart section and even the links section. I'm not sure when I'm able to do that (hopefully soon) because I've got a lot of stuff to do here, but the daily updates will come as always:)