Will movie posters cease to exist?

I recently noticed something while browsing through Disney+ and Netflix, they don’t display the movies with their corresponding Posters. What you get instead are stills from the movie in a 16 by 9 ratio. And the images they chose to represent the movies are odd. I’m sure there is some analytics behind this where it tells Netflix what movies people decided to watch based on what image is being shown. But still, sometimes it shows a character which is hardly in a movie but maybe the actor is famous. This is pretty misleading as it might disappoint certain people. But like I said, I’m sure there is a reason for these decisions.

But what really bothers me is that we don’t get to see the actual movie poster. Now I know that not all posters these days are actually good, most are rather generic looking and bland but still. Movie posters are, after all, an art form. But with cinemas closing left and right, people watching movies mostly at home through streaming services, and DVDs or Blu-rays slowly fading away it begs the question, where will we see movie posters in the future?

I love my small collection of movie posters and I love my wall with four frames that allow me to switch posters from the front and I would be sad if this art form will be non-existence in a few years and all we see is a movie still with the title written on it while we browse through any streaming service on our couch and choose the title based on the good looking actor or the catchy title.

I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong…