Why is 3D still a thing?

3D Movies

So I’m off to the theaters to watch Marvel’s latest Comic Book movie Black Panther which is supposed to be the best one yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now I’m having a hard time imagining that, but I’d love to be surprised. So I will once again see a movie at the theatre and once again I’ve chosen to NOT see it in 3D. The only 3D movie I’ve seen in the last two or three years was the IMAX showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That was was an exception because I wanted to see a movie on an IMAX screen for once and they only show it in 3D.

So why do I avoid any 3D screenings? because for me it doesn’t improve or add another layer to the movie, to the story. the Last Jedi was sometimes hard to watch because not all the 3D was working properly within my viewing field so that was a distraction. I think the only two movies which really elevated the movie through 3D were Avatar (Obviously) and Pacific Rim. Apart from these two, it’s a stupid gimmick and a dumb reason for Studios and/or Theatre Chains to charge more for their tickets. Think about it, movie productions actually spend a small amount of money (small compared to the budgets of these Blockbusters) to convert the movie to 3D in postproduction so they can ask for more money. The money spent on the conversion is easily returned by the extra moviegoers who pay for the additional 3D fee. I think it’s a scam and it needs to stop!

I could go back to those Stats I once went through and see how a Movie with and without 3D screenings compares and if there is a trend. I know that these days TV with 3D are not that popular anymore so maybe the same is true for movies on the big screen. BUT I’m in a hurry so that task has to be postponed for another day.