Where do we stand with the Logo?

Well I thought I do some status update for the logo today (among other things) and see what I’ve done in the past and talk about what I wanna do or accomplish in the future, if it is something that can be pinned down actually.

Logo v1

So let’s start with the year 2004, back in the days I had simple messageboard and I wanted to create a simple logo, if it can be called a logo. It’s based on the font Fight This from the Fight Club movie, where the name of course comes from too, with some alteration to the font to make it nicer looking. I was always happy with the end result but of course something was always missing, there’s no real logo there but just the text. Well now one could say well a text can be a logo too but for me I had to have an icon, a symbol so I went back to the drawing board and tried to come up with a symbol for the-soap.com

Logo v2

This brings us to 2005 I think where I looked at soap bubbles and thought this might represend soap bubbles the most and created this simple circles logo. But now the nice font from version 1 didn’t fit to this logo so I tried all kinds of different font types for this logo but none really pleased me to make it a definite package with the circles but I sticked to the circles. I used this for quite some time with a simple arial font for the and for different designs but the longer I looked at it the more I started to long for a change and for something nicer looking with stronger lines because I had problems with the thin lines on darker backgrounds and I couldn’t use different colors on the logo because of them.

Logo v3

So in 2007 I was watching a Maroon 5 music video when at the end of the clip a plane flies into the sunset and the clouds make this swoosh and I knew that there lies my new logo. So I had my stronger lines and it just popped more than the old logo but I still had a color problem and a font problem and further down the road I realized it looked a lot like the marware logo. But at least I could explain where my logo comes from, just watch the video. Anyway So I had my swoosh logo and kinda liked it more than the bubbles circle logo but then there wasn’t a really good connection to the word soap, it wasn’t a soap bar, it wasn’t a soap bubble it was just a swoosh. I always saw it as soap water in a washing mashine :p So I stuck with it but I played around with it.

Logo v4

In 2009, after months of playing around with it I had something that combined some elements that I loved into a new improved logo. I finally had the font, I had more colors and it looked really nice, even though it started to look like a blue tennis ball, but I liked it a lot and it’s the reason it stayed on the-soap.com for so long as the only thing visible. But putting the logo back to a simple black and white one turned out to be difficult and I still haven’t successfully done that. This is the reason that I decided to ditch this one and come up with something new once again.

This brings me to today. I’ve done quite a lot of brainstorming and I realized that with the name soap there aren’t a lot of possibilities. We either go with soap bubbles (like I used in the past), go with a soap bar (which is kinda hard to make it destinguish from just a retangle block) or go with something more company wise, like soap company, a company that produces soap. These are the things I think it comes down to, and while I have these ideas I always look for inspiration online where I found one extremely cool logo but now it has become hard to come up with something that doesn’t resemble that specific logo (it’s a bubble logo as well).

I would really love to use the first logo for the font again, but then I’d have to come up with an icon that fits to that font, so let’s see where this will lead me.