What’s in store for 2022

For the past two years I started each year the same, first I run some numbers from the previous year, then I look at what I liked and what I didn’t like and finally I try to look forward, give a preview of what this place can expect the following 12 months.

When I go back to those posts and read the plan and compare it to what has actually come to fruition, I get sad because not much of those things have been happening. Should I change that? Should I not make bold claims about what I plan on doing? Well, I think having an idea or a plan or better yet goals is always good. It gives me a path to follow. So I will once again outline some work goals I set for myself.

There are of course also more personal goals, but I will talk about those probably another time because it needs a bit more context.

SoaPatrickTen and Kirby

I’ve mentioned this before and I’m still working on this, even though it doesn’t seem like it because I never provided a status update. But yes I’m hard at work at one part of this goal, and I’m making good progress. Nevertheless, the goal is to release either a modified SP9 on Kirby or a full new SP10 on Kirby in the next… let me think… next two months.

The biggest hurdle from the Kirby side is the migration and on the SP10 it’s the creative process of coming up with a new design. But I want this to be done, sooner rather than later so that I can focus on other things.

Making Videos

I’m not calling it short films or microfilms or something else, but videos. Because at the end of the day they are all videos and don’t need an exact label. The point is I want to make some videos this year and I want to combine it with Blender and maybe even Unreal Engine 5 because it’s something that interests me and combining things I like to do seems kinda obvious.

Now I’m calling it videos because I’m not sure if they will have stories or if it’s just moving pictures because if there is a hurdle I’m having, it’s coming up with stories that are doable with my resources.

Lab and Factory

In my yearly look back in numbers, I always check how many ‘movies’ I’ve made and it seems kinda unfair to only check for those when there is other stuff I usually do during the span of 12 months. So my goal is to create a lot more for the lab and the factory so that by the end of the year I find myself with a nice collection of creative output that I can be proud of.

To conclude

I know that it’s much broader this year but that’s deliberate because I don’t want to push myself into a corner, let’s just take baby steps and once I got the grove I can increase the tempo. I think the important thing to take with me from last year, because I didn’t really live by it, is:

Be more focused

It might be easy for some but for me, I have to put in a lot more effort, but I realized that last year and hopefully this leads to actually living it.

There will be a follow-up with some things I would like to do on a more personal side but that’s a whole other beast.