Welcome to the year 2018

Welcome to 2018

First of all, welcome to a new year, I hope you all glided nicely into it. As for me I had a fun night even went out to see the firework, something I haven’t done in the last few years.

So, with my first post in 2018, I wanted to explain what I plan on doing with this place in this new year, or rather what one of my new year’s resolutions is. I know that I will sound like a broken record but my goal is to actually publish something daily here this year. It doesn’t have to be something big, it can be just a quote, a link or a short status update but I have to do it daily, that’s the requirement.

The idea is to create a habit of posting daily where it’s just part of my daily routine. What I hope to achieve through that is to find my own voice again and maybe even transfer that to other creative fields, like drawing, photography or even videography.

So I’m excited and I hope I can deliver and maybe you will join me on this journey, so see you tomorrow!