Welcome To The Year 2005

And welcome to my blog. I thought about starting one quite a few times, even had one running a while, 2 years ago I think, (didn’t make it public though) but I never had them keep going for more than just a week. With this one I wanna change this, I really wanna keep this one running for quite a while. I’m sure it will be a great read by the end of the year when I will go through all the entries. Anyway…

Damn what a night that was, I had a great night and I think I moved very nicely over to the new year. Had drinks of course (though not as many as I used to have on new years eve, I remember that 2 years ago I got really really drunk for the first time), some champagne, vodka red bull and a long island, which is the main reason I felt a bit sick this morning and didn’t sleep well, but it was worth it. A friend and I went to town around 11 pm to celebrate the years eve among hundreds of other people on the street but before I went, I had 4 glasses of champagne at home already. Anyway, so in town, we drank our first 2 cups of vodka red bull till the countdown started. We were so busy with filling in cups that we missed it hehe. Suddenly people around us started cheering and all and we were like „what already?“. After that, we froze our asses off waiting for the damn firework which is the same bullshit every year anyway. Half the time I kept making fun of it and starred in the other direction.

Well after it was finally over we wanted to warm ourselves up in a club, but unfortunately, the place was already filled up and closed the time we got there. But us lucky dudes, or let's say my charm, got us to talk to some people (and girls) who we ended up getting to join us looking for some other club. Well places were either filled up or they didn’t let all of us in, so we ended in a bar where I got closer to one of the girls, yep body contact. There I got my long island and for a short time, I had to focus in order to NOT throw up. In the end, we found a club where we could dance and there the body contact turned into tongue action. Yep yep, as I said, I moved, or let's say glided nicely into the new year.

So it slowly turned 6 am and the club closed its door… we said bye to our newly made friends (of course not before numbers got exchanged) and then we split up… my friend and I weren’t tired yet, so we looked for a place which was still open to continue partying. Actually, you can’t call that partying anymore, more like sitting around and be tired while people try to talk to you. And here is were that LOVELY picture was taken, btw L FOR LOVE HAHAHA. (inside joke there for those who have seen a certain 2004 comedy)

I think at 9 am I went to bed and like I said I slept horrible but also like I said it was worth it, I made a new friend and I had a great time.

Yep, long text for my first entry, not so sure if all the other entries will be as long as this one, I highly doubt it.

Patrick signing out for tonight….