Various Pics and Articles

'Autumn in New York' missed the top ten this weekend by one spot. It did earn $3,603,172 this weekend (10% more than last week) and stands now at $31,976,248.

Here's an interesting article from '' about 'AINY'. If this is true then..... (damn you, Richard)

Before I come to the links 'Mark' sent me, here's a request from 'Sandro', here we go: (mail him at: if you need to contact him)

I'm looking for various Noni tv appearances, NTSC tv system is okay for me:

Larry Sanders show, Rosie O'Donnell, Mojo Nixon "Debbie Gibson..." & Soul asylum "Without a..." videos clip. Cafe late commercial tv spot.

I'd like to offer in change some rare European tv appearance about Cannes film festival 1998 and Italian & European magazines.

Sandro' also sent me some very cool pics, take a look:)) Thanks a lot 'Sandro'

Ok here are a LOT OF LINKS, all sent by mark:) Enjoy reading all the articles:)) Thanks a lot 'Mark':)