Vacation in sight

I know I’m still quiet but I’m crawling to the finish line and hopefully, this off time will give me a boost. I do have some plans for that time, like doing a video course in ThreeJS, reading two books (one of them being my favorite one “Invisible Monsters“), taking long walks, maybe do a very spontaneous short city trip, meet some friends (which is long overdue), catch up on some tv shows and movies and some other stuff, but not much else.

Yeah I know it’s a lot, and maybe some of those things will be sidelined because something else comes up, that’s usually what happens with plans, they can change.

It’s not that I did nothing the last few weeks. I did some work with ThreeJS already, but I’m not yet ready to show this. I’ve also done some small work with Vue.js and REST-API, but that’s something for some other time as well. So I keep myself a bit busy from time to time but it’s time-consuming and time is precious right now, especially because I’m tired a lot after work, that break can’t get here any sooner.