Two versions in one day?

Well, that’s unusual but I thought what the hell. But let me explain. Like I mentioned on Wednesdays post today I released SP 2.5 with some changes under the hood (all that can be found at the log btw):

  • Removed all Gutenberg color options
  • Changed Youtube play buttons styling
  • Changed image sizes for generated images
  • Changed CSS grid for the whole website
  • Added SCSS variables for breakpoints
  • Added better code block styling
  • Added excerpt field to factory items

As for the SCSS Variables, instead of using one of these approaches from, I simply created some variables:

$breakpoint__370--max: (max-width: 370px);
$breakpoint__371--min: (min-width: 371px);
$breakpoint__767--max: (max-width: 767px);
$breakpoint__768--min: (min-width: 768px);
$breakpoint__991--max: (max-width: 991px);
$breakpoint__992--min: (min-width: 992px);
$breakpoint__1199--max: (max-width: 1199px);
$breakpoint__1200--min: (min-width: 1200px);
$breakpoint__1499--max: (max-width: 1499px);
$breakpoint__1500--min: (min-width: 1500px);

So I was all said and done (except for regenerating and then reincluding all images, that still need to be done) when I had the idea to include the language visually to the code block.

The only reason I included those Variables above was to showcase that. So I sat down, looked at the plugin and wrote a small script which adds the language in its own div so I can style it:

// Add language to all Code Blocks
var allCodeBlocks = document.querySelectorAll(".wp-block-code");
for (var i = 0; i < allCodeBlocks.length; i++) {
	var singleCodeBlock = allCodeBlocks[i].children;
	for (var j = 0; j < singleCodeBlock.length; j++) {
		if (singleCodeBlock[j].hasAttribute("lang")) {
			var codeLang = singleCodeBlock[j].getAttribute("lang");
	allCodeBlocks[i].insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', '<div class="prism-language">'+ codeLang +'</div>');

So I created a new Epic with a new release number and added that as well. So there you go, enjoy the small changes, I’m off for now before I have to go through all posts again where Images are included, ufff.