Too much Work

Well, folks, sad to say but this is going to be my last day to do this. You know what? - this really does take a LONG time to do each and every day, and kudos must go to MistaG for all his very hard work to date, and in the future. Sorry to say that I cannot find the 2-3+ hours each day to contribute as much as I would like to. It just takes sooooo long to sort through all the pics and make sure there's no duplicates and everything, and being at work is quite enough computing for me. Apologies to MistaG on such a hasty departure, but as much as I AM a Noni fan, this is waaaay too much work. I think I will serve the group better if I can contribute things I find from time to time, instead of this intensive day-to-day, where I have no free time to find anything else out about Winona.

Before I go, I shall not shirk my responsibilities - I want to give you all of today's media because it is very impressive (again). You are all (TRULY) great for sending this stuff in, and long may it continue!

David has again sent in lots of collectible pictures. None is his, but he's got PLENTY:

Delyar has also contributed a vast quantity of photos for today's extravaganza. Get thee 'Noni-fied' people:-

It's 9 pm now and just to prove my point, that's been 3 hours since I got home. I hope all you good people out there continue to enjoy, support, and revel in the wonder that is Winona, and I'll be sitting in the front row with some of you the whole time, eating popcorn and absorbing the beauty that graces the screen - thoroughly enjoying every new cinematic offering. God bless MistaG and hist terrific website. Long may it reign!

'Quote of the Day'

I am not under any orders to make the world a better place.

Troy Dyer (Reality Bites)

Mark.Sorry to you all once more and I hope you can all understand my motives. I love this page and I have loved my (very) brief time looking after it, but I just can't do it justice without more time at hand. I certainly don't want to be updating it when I'm tired and frustrated, and I definitely don't want to lose my passion for all things Winona. Goodbye and God bless.