Third Week of the Drawing Challenge

Week three and days 15 to 21 and still going strong, but still some tougher and easier challenges, so let’s go right into them:

Day 15 – Family Portrait

Looking at the list when I started, I saw a few potentially tricky challenges, this was one of them. I’ve chosen to draw my closest family as cartoon figures because it seemed easier. This is only half true because by drawing them as cartoons it becomes even harder to make them resemble the person they represent. But somehow they really do look a lot like my mother and sister and they were happy with the result and so was I :)

30 days drawing challenge - Day 15

Day 16 – Inspiration

This was a tricky one because it’s hard to pinpoint where the inspiration is coming from for me. First I thought of certain people but then it became clear that the best inspiration is my surrounding so I drew the world between my hands, visualizing my point of view :)

30 days drawing challenge - Day 16

Day 17 – Favorite Plant

I’m not really a plant person because most of the plants I had died on me because I forgot to water them. So naming a favorite wasn’t really possible because I simply don’t have one. But then I remembered the movie Wall•E and the plant he finds and protects throughout the movie :)

30 days drawing challenge - Day 17

Day 18 – A Doodle

Doodling doesn’t come easily to me, it’s certainly something I need to practice more because being a perfectionist prevents me from just letting go and start drawing or doodling. So I ended up drawing me drawing on my iPad :p

30 days drawing challenge - Day 18

Day 19 – Something New

A big change for me in the last few months, besides starting this drawing challenge, was buying myself an electric drum and doing something completely different and something I’m not good at and I don’t care but just have fun, and I really do enjoy just jamming to some of my favorite songs. I do get better, though :)

30 days drawing challenge - Day 19

Day 20 – Something Orange

This was actually a no-brainer, Duffy Duck is just hilarious and I love the little guy, just as much as another famous duck which I already drew earlier :) I cheated a bit by placing a huge board in front of him and therefore avoiding the need to draw his body :p

30 days drawing challenge - Day 20

Day 21 – Something you Want

I took a long walk today and thought long and hard about what I want, and sure there are lots of material things I’d want but don’t really need or don’t want that much right now. But what I really want, especially during the workdays, is to have more time in the evening to do things like drawing, playing the drums, relaxing, watching a good movie and just being. But it all has to be timed extremely well to be able to do all that and be in bed on time to get up early in the morning again. I know it’s not possible to get that but I can dream :)

30 days drawing challenge - Day 21

So this was week three and there are now 9 more challenges ahead of me and I look forward to most of them, there is one though which I consider being the most challenging of all the 30 challenges.