The Problem of doing it all alone

I’m sitting at home, alone, having the whole day to do something creative and the idea would be to film something and then cut it together. But it’s hard to do it all by myself. I can’t put together a nice composition if I don’t see the actor, the actor being me, inside the frame.

I think this was also the reason I started with Webdesign because that I could do it all day and all alone and have something to show for at the end of it.

The reason for the urge to do something today is the realization I once again had under the shower to just fucking DO something. Just take the nearest recording device close to me and start to put ideas together, doesn’t matter how good they turn out, but at least try and learn something in the process.

So instead of doing something right now, I’m here writing another blog entry, hoping it has a therapeutical effect. Not sure yet, maybe another shower might help… maybe the whole creative process of taking a shower each time I need an idea is something that can be explored in a short film. Mmmm ok that sounds interesting.