The Party

Yeah, today is my birthday but the big party started yesterday evening. I've done this now 3 times in a row only shrank the guest list down from last year because having too many people on a party can actually be counterproductive for the host, no time to relax, always greeting people or taking drink request like my famous long island ice-tea :)

Before the party

So this year only the close friends and it was a great evening, didn't drink as much as last year (I doubt that's even possible or healthy for me) but the fun was there none the less. Even had a stupid fun electroshock game, a game which is more fun when you're drunk and not that strong with reflexes anymore :p The party at one point got pretty loud and I'm actually quite surprised the neighbors from upstairs didn't pay a visit like 6 years ago :D (though it was a different building with a different neighbor).

Posing with a friend

After lots of drinking, laughing, screaming and singing we hit the club downtown to shake the legs a bit, too bad the lighting equipment was kinda broke so we the whole club danced on a half dark dance floor. I tell you it's not that fun dancing in the dark and not knowing how hot the girls around you are or knowing if they are even girls, to begin with :p

So it started to get late for some while yours truly was still in the mood for more. So I hit the next club with another friend who shares the birthday with me. There the legs started to get tired but the mind was still willing. It was just too bad that the girls' quota in the second club was really low, not too fun dancing in a club filled with guys but at least the sound was half decent.

Sometime around 7 am or so we decided to get a late after drink in a pub nearby where I almost fell asleep, this is where we both called it a night and went on our way home, which for me still meant a 20 minute walk home with no music to keep me awake (didn't take the iPod with me yesterday). So around 8, I hit the sack and 4 hours later I was already up again and actually feeling rather fine, no drawback from the alc, and ready to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, I didn't take a snapshot of the mess afterward but it took quite some time to collect all the cups over the whole apartment :)

So in conclusion, a nice party again but you always notice things to improve for the next one a year later. Can't wait for that one. Birthday parties for me a good excuses to act obnoxious, childish and evil and get free drinks and free entries everywhere and let's not forget: to get really wasted. And you always get away with: "Well it's my birthday man!"