The Day still has just 24 Hours

No Time

I remember back before everyone had a smartphone and social media was a big part of our daily routine we had enough time, in fact, we had so much time that without a hobby you started to get bored. Well, nowadays it‘s a completely different story.

We have all these social media channels which produce new content on an hourly basis and depending on how many people you follow, scrolling through your feed is something you do throughout the day. God beware you do it once a day, you‘ve “missed” so much by the time you look on your feed. And since it‘s still such a huge market every new service must somehow add its own social spin to it. But as we all know, social media is just one part.

We have so many entertainment options these days. We have the basic cable TV with its regular program, we have all these streaming services, cinema chains with big Hollywood studios fighting for our attention with bigger movies each year (not to mention that regular adult movies are slowly fading, or moving to different platforms). Then there‘s music, books, games, and magazines for which all exist a-la-cart offers. I mean just on the TV front, there have been 487 scripted TV Shows in 2017 compared to 207 from 2010 (Source). Who can watch THAT much TV?

So we have social media, all these entertainment offers, now we also have to exercise (after all sitting in front of the TV makes us lazy and fat and seeing all those beautiful people on TV isn‘t healthy for our self-esteem). So we download fitness apps that tell us when and how often we have to work out.

So we have the whole industry trying to grab our attention and making us spend money on their product/service and because of that our daily life is filled. Kinda miss the old days sometimes but then I remember that I‘m actually in control of it all, I‘m master of my own life and I can reduce the number of TV Shows I‘d like to watch, or work out less, be less active on social media or I don‘t know. Yeah sure, it‘s really not that easy and I think a complete break or reducing too much too fast isn‘t the way to approach this.

What I‘ve been doing and will continue doing is thinking more often

do I need this? Or can I spend my time in a better way?

It‘s not that easy reducing, but prioritizing helps me.

I‘m sure there are thousands of essays, books or whatnot about this issue but those are just my quick two cents, after all, I don‘t have all day to write these blog entries because after all I also have TV Shows to watch and some working out to do, oh shit!