What’s in store for 2020?

The big question every year, what will I be doing this year? Are there spillovers from last year? Can I start with new projects? The idea is to dive into some of these ideas I have for 2020. Walking through Basel Last year I had the idea to walk through every street in Basel within … more →

Ok that was Nonsense

Yesterday when I wrote that I like to keep things close to the chest and not reveal anything here until I’m ready, I quickly realized that this was nonsense. I mean the point of this blog was to put those things out there and use it to make the next step, so why not actually … more →

Testing Ulysses for Blog Posts

I’ve been using Bear as my note-taking app for quite some time, before that, I was using Evernote and Ulysses. I’ve stopped using Evernote the moment they started to charge money in order for my notes to be synced between devices. Ulysses was always a very powerful markdown editor but when they switched to a … more →

Let’s recap February of 2018, shall we?

I thought I could do a recap at the end of each month about blogging daily and on some personal stuff. When I read this post a few years from now I get a sense of what I did the past month. I‘m still on track to post daily, 28 Blog Posts this month, and … more →

So let’s write a Story…

So I‘m sitting on the train, ready to start a story. Well kinda ready, it helps to have like a starting point from which the story evolves, and that‘s what‘s currently missing, plus I don‘t want people glancing at my iPad and reading all the weird stuff I‘m about to write, so I wait a … more →

Writing short Stories as Blog Posts?

Finding new topics for the daily Blog Posts is kinda hard, there are times when a topic is relevant which makes the theme of the Post obvious, like a new trailer or something political or whatnot. But there are times where my daily work life isn‘t just that adventurous or exciting, so coming up with … more →

Switching to Jekyll for blogging?

I cleaned up my WordPress the last few days, got rid of plugins I didn‘t need anymore, removed all unnecessary themes and made some performance optimizations to the current theme. Through that process, I thought about how to improve it even further and how to speed up my writing process. The reason I asked myself … more →

Let’s recap January of 2018, shall we?

That was a busy month for me, mostly thanks to my new year’s resolutions. First, after gaining a bit of weight over the holidays and because I haven‘t worked out since last October, I wanted to get back on the bike at home and really start using it again, not long but at least do … more →

Back when I was writing Screenplays

During my last spring cleaning, I stumbled upon some old stories and screenplays I wrote, so I scanned them all and I was surprised how much I wrote back then. Back then being around 1997. So I scanned 13 stories, some of them in screenplay form, others more like a more detailed outline. I didn’t … more →

What and how to write

When I started writing again this month I had this urge to just let “the World” know what I’m up to. I know that “the World” is currently one or two person, but that’s beside the point. I have so many thoughts in my head which I have to put out there to make room … more →