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It’s Kirby Time

I’ve decided to leave WordPress as my CMS and move over to Kirby, a flat-file CMS. I’ve been using WordPress for a LOOOOOOONG time, so this wasn’t an easy decision, and it sure wasn’t a decision that was made in a haste or quickly. I thought long and hard about this and after some testing … more →

Kirby + Vite + Tailwind + Threejs

Yes, that’s a mouthful but I’ve been playing around with Kirby a lot the last few days (trying to recreate SP9 with it and see what is possible and what is not) and it’s been a blast. The idea with this development stack is to have a quick way of developing and deploying the website … more →

Switching CMS?

With my plan to extend the whole personal part of this website, meaning the Patrick part, I was thinking of how to achieve my plan and if WordPress is the CMS to go forward with. I’ve been using WordPress as my CMS for 17 years and I’ve got to know it quite a bit and … more →

Working hard on Eight

It seems quite I know, but I was working hard the last two days on version Eight. In fact, I’m hoping that I can release the first version this week. This first version won’t be perfect as I best improve once my themes are published. It’s much easier this way to create tasks for specific … more →

Two versions in one day?

Well, that’s unusual but I thought what the hell. But let me explain. Like I mentioned on Wednesdays post today I released SP 2.5 with some changes under the hood (all that can be found at the log btw): Removed all Gutenberg color options Changed Youtube play buttons styling Changed image sizes for generated images Changed CSS grid for … more →

WordPress 5.4 and SP7 2.5

Yup some changes are happening around here but I think these are more under the hood, so no one will actually notice it. But let’s get into it: WordPress 5.4 I just updated this place to the latest WordPress release and I tested it locally a bit and didn’t notice any strange things so I … more →

Some additional features

In the last few days, I did add some additional features on Seven before I used up all my Bitbucket Deployment minutes. I’ve released version 2.1.0 and 2.2.0 and a few things that changed I’d like to mention here. Related Blog Posts I’ve played around with this idea for some time and because I worked … more →

It’s Alive

14 days after deciding to start a new theme and almost 10 months since the last release I’m done with an initial releasable version. I know on the front it doesn’t look like anything changed, but below the hood, I did a lot of improvements. The new Stylesheet is now 4kb smaller, but not only … more →

Seven is almost here

I had a busy coding weekend where I recreated the current theme but used everything I’ve learned in the last 12 months. There was a lot of code I could rewrite more efficiently or code which was not needed at all anymore but was just laying around. I would have released it this weekend already, … more →

Work has been started on Seven

I took a long walk today through Basel and actually continuing with my New Years’ resolution from 2019. And during that walk, I thought of all the things I want to improve upon with the new version and when I arrived at home, I created a new repository, cloned my starter theme and made my … more →

I’m torn between coding and filming

for a year now I’m working full time and I notice that time in between work and sleeping is tight and in that free time I’d like to work on things that I love. There is the passion for making movies. Now you might say that For something that is your passion you don’t seem … more →

Youtube and Google Page Speed

It’s funny that something from Google (yes Youtube belongs to Google, in case you didn’t know) slows down the page that dramatically and the Google Page Speed results take a dive because of it. I realized since I started paying close attention, that if you embed Youtube videos, either through WordPress or through the embedded … more →

Gutenberg after all?

I was trying out the new Gutenberg Editor for a project at work and I think it improved quite a bit since my first test with it back in August. I was so pleased with how it worked that I decided to implement it here. I made a quick test with the basic elements and … more →

SoaPatrick needs to change a bit

Now that I plan on doing more video work on a monthly basis (maybe even weekly) this place needs to change a bit and reflect those projects a lot better than just being part of a new Blog entry. I thought in the past about doing some sort of landing page with the latest Video … more →

WordPress will have a new Editor

With the latest WordPress Update, there was the possibility to use a new Editor with the note that it will become the default Editor with version 5.0 (soon to be released I guess). The new Editor is called Gutenberg and seems to an attempt to catch up with all those drag and drop builders. Big changes … more →

I’m using WordPress since 2004

I seem to be on a nostalgia trip recently. First the look back on the 18 Birthday of AGCN, then looking back at old Movies I’ve shot with some friends and I also looked at other Videos in different formats and listened to old cassette tapes. And today at work I talked about WordPress and … more →

I should bring back the Factory

With my plan on doing animations, I thought about my Portfolio/Factory section which should really have some sort of comeback. I mean it would be nice to collect all these things I created somewhere and displayed nicely. For a second I really thought about buying a WordPress Theme with a portfolio already included because right … more →

Looks like I’m a well hidden Blog

I started using the WordPress Plugin Jetpack which gives me interesting statistics and some cool features like backups or publishing to social media channels (for a price, but the stats are free). But the main reason I installed it was for stats, I‘m a sucker for stats in general. So now I see how “popular” … more →

Switching to Jekyll for blogging?

I cleaned up my WordPress the last few days, got rid of plugins I didn‘t need anymore, removed all unnecessary themes and made some performance optimizations to the current theme. Through that process, I thought about how to improve it even further and how to speed up my writing process. The reason I asked myself … more →

I made some housecleaning on my blog and at the sa…

I made some housecleaning on my blog (removed old Themes and Plugins I don’t use anymore) and also some old Blogs who used up Databases. And at the same time thought I could finally use Git to develop and deploy changes to the theme. It’s a much more streamlined development workflow now which hopefully brings lots of benefits, especially for a possible future new design.