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The state of RSS in 2021

I’m feeling like a dinosaur or just a weird human being by still using RSS in 2021 in a time of social media dominance but an RSS Feed App is still my most used app every single day, sometimes by a wide margin. But why is it that no one in my close social environment … more →


And the winner is…

Firefox. Yes, it’s the browser I didn’t even mention the last time. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’ve decided to get away from Google a bit and stop using Chrome and I was looking for a replacement Browser. Now I’ve used Safari and Brave for some time and DuckDuckGo on my iPhone … more →

Ok let’s talk browsers

I’m reaching that point again (thanks to an update with iOS 14 where we can set a third-party default browser) where I think about switching my browser. I’m currently using Chrome on every device I own but Chrome has its drawbacks, its extremely CPU hungry (therefore drains the battery) and when it comes to privacy, … more →

What the Internet knows about You

I stumbled upon an article where it was described how to download everything facebook has on you. So I was curious and tried it out myself. If you want to know how to do that, go to your Facebook page on a computer. On the very right in the top bar, next to the question … more →

How many e-mail Addresses do we need?

Recently I got an e-mail from Google to update my security settings for a Gmail account, for an account I hardly use. It was there that I noticed once again, I have way too many e-mail addresses and yet I still think about adding new ones because I don‘t even own a mail address with this … more →