Home Office with Blender

The first short film is still in the planning stage but I ended up using Blender to recreate my Office so I could plan shots. I was using Blender a lot longer than I wanted to but I realized that my Mac Mini IS capable of some stuff. I learned a few new tricks with … more →

Story Reel Video

After the storyboards, it was time to create my first story reel video with After Effects and later with Premiere Pro. It’s not perfect (black border all around the video) but it’s the first thing and I’m still getting the hang out of it. The story still has some problems, most of all with the … more →

Improved Storyboards

With a template from the professor, I redrew all the storyboards and made some things more clearer. The next step now is to import those storyboards into Adobe Premiere and create a 2D animatic scene which gives me a time feeling of the scene and shows me a lot more what’s missing and where do … more →

First draft of Storyboards

For the school project we had to create a first draft with storyboard so I used my iPad and the amazing Paper App on the train rides to school and this is what I came up with. A Boy with no care in the world is walking from the left to the right when he … more →