Cleaning House

I did some house cleaning for the last 2 days. Moving some subfolders I had on my server to their own place in a subdomain and cleaning up old Databases. The main domain is much cleaner now, there’s only this place here and nothing else, might also change some site speed issues? Since apparently there’s … more →

No more Jetpack but Statify

With the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or DSGVO in German, I had to check if I need to change something with my own website here. After some research about the subject and WordPress itself, I realized that WordPress doesn’t save personalized information about visitors unless you register (of course) and since this page … more →

Ladies & Gents, we have Clouds

What I did to today with the header was actually something I wanted to do from the start, but I didn’t know how to do it exactly, so I decided to postpone it and do other stuff first. Today I had some time and an idea in my head on how to do it and … more →

New improvements to the Theme

I Was busy this weekend with the theme and there are some visible changes. First of all, there’s a navigation now, it’s not the most innovative but the simplest one for the time being. I might tinker with it some more soon (the scroll to top could be removed since it’s kinda buggy). Then there … more →

So let’s Break it down a Bit

I’ve been busy this weekend but I thought I have a minute to spare for a quick blog post. I promised further info on SoaPatrickFive and what I promise I shall keep. The idea from the start was clear: simplify the theme and make it possible to extend it further for future sections or parts … more →

Welcome to SoaPatrickFive

Wow, that went fast, I started yesterday evening with a clear vision in my head and now, around 20 hours later, the first version of that vision is released. Now, this is not the final version as I will continue to work on this Theme, but I thought I release a very simple one now … more →

Just a couple things…

Finally, springtime has arrived which made it possible to go out, with just a t-shirt, hang around on the Rhein with a beer and enjoy the warm sunny weather. The weather was also warm enough to go for a bike ride and damn was I not in shape. But in the end, I pulled through … more →

Brainstorming about SoaPatrickFive

I cleaned the whole apartment today and now I’m exhausted but while doing that I did some brainstorming about the new Theme I will start working on, someday… in the foreseeable future, hopefully. I’m looking for fonts, I’m looking for simple ways to display a blog post and I’m making a list of things I need … more →

Was preparing something cool for tomorrow so there…

Was preparing something cool for tomorrow so there won’t be a big update today, but be sure to check back tomorrow! Oh and I’ve improved the drawing from Wednesday.

A new Color Scheme for a new Theme

I have some ideas about a possible new Theme and the first thing I decided upon was the color scheme. I’m a sucker for red, always love the color but I really started pushing it the last few years of my life, be that clothes, accessories, furniture, colored walls and so on. Funnily I hardly … more →

I made a new Cartoon Character of Myself

I thought I could draw myself again with a clear goal in mind and this is the result (so far). I once again started to draw on the iPad with Procreate, then once I had a very good base (colors included) I thought I could go one step further this time and redraw it in … more →

Looks like I’m a well hidden Blog

I started using the WordPress Plugin Jetpack which gives me interesting statistics and some cool features like backups or publishing to social media channels (for a price, but the stats are free). But the main reason I installed it was for stats, I‘m a sucker for stats in general. So now I see how “popular” … more →

Switching to Jekyll for blogging?

I cleaned up my WordPress the last few days, got rid of plugins I didn‘t need anymore, removed all unnecessary themes and made some performance optimizations to the current theme. Through that process, I thought about how to improve it even further and how to speed up my writing process. The reason I asked myself … more →

Playing around with a dark Theme

I had some time today so I made some quick changes to my local installation to see how a dark version of the current theme might look like. This was achieved with 10 lines of SASS, not everything was styled and a final version might change the header image as well, this one was just … more →

I created a new folder with a starter theme from u…

I created a new folder with a starter theme from underscores for a possible version Five. I’m not sure when and IF this page gets a new design, but I love the idea of a dark theme, you know to save battery on all those OLED screens, so I’ll see where this will go.

Find stuff…

I’ve added ‘Find Stuff’ functionality and a Storage. The search looks quite good, but the Storage is done in a way that it works for now but I might tinker with it some more later on. That was probably the most urgent thing to do, anything else for now is bonus.