No more Jetpack but Statify

With the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or DSGVO in German, I had to check if I need to change something with my own website here. After some research about the subject and WordPress itself, I realized that WordPress doesn’t save personalized information about visitors unless you register (of course) and since this page … more →

Ladies & Gents, we have Clouds

What I did to today with the header was actually something I wanted to do from the start, but I didn’t know how to do it exactly, so I decided to postpone it and do other stuff first. Today I had some time and an idea in my head on how to do it and … more →

New improvements to the Theme

I Was busy this weekend with the theme and there are some visible changes. First of all, there’s a navigation now, it’s not the most innovative but the simplest one for the time being. I might tinker with it some more soon (the scroll to top could be removed since it’s kinda buggy). Then there … more →

So let’s Break it down a Bit

I’ve been busy this weekend but I thought I have a minute to spare for a quick blog post. I promised further info on SoaPatrickFive and what I promise I shall keep. The idea from the start was clear: simplify the theme and make it possible to extend it further for future sections or parts … more →

Welcome to SoaPatrickFive

Wow, that went fast, I started yesterday evening with a clear vision in my head and now, around 20 hours later, the first version of that vision is released. Now, this is not the final version as I will continue to work on this Theme, but I thought I release a very simple one now … more →

Just a couple things…

Finally, springtime has arrived which made it possible to go out, with just a t-shirt, hang around on the Rhein with a beer and enjoy the warm sunny weather. The weather was also warm enough to go for a bike ride and damn was I not in shape. But in the end, I pulled through … more →

Brainstorming about SoaPatrickFive

I cleaned the whole apartment today and now I’m exhausted but while doing that I did some brainstorming about the new Theme I will start working on, someday… in the foreseeable future, hopefully. I’m looking for fonts, I’m looking for simple ways to display a blog post and I’m making a list of things I need … more →

Was preparing something cool for tomorrow so there…

Was preparing something cool for tomorrow so there won’t be a big update today, but be sure to check back tomorrow! Oh and I’ve improved the drawing from Wednesday.

A new Color Scheme for a new Theme

I have some ideas about a possible new Theme and the first thing I decided upon was the color scheme. I’m a sucker for red, always love the color but I really started pushing it the last few years of my life, be that clothes, accessories, furniture, colored walls and so on. Funnily I hardly … more →

I made a new Cartoon Character of Myself

I thought I could draw myself again with a clear goal in mind and this is the result (so far). I once again started to draw on the iPad with Procreate, then once I had a very good base (colors included) I thought I could go one step further this time and redraw it in … more →

Looks like I’m a well hidden Blog

I started using the WordPress Plugin Jetpack which gives me interesting statistics and some cool features like backups or publishing to social media channels (for a price, but the stats are free). But the main reason I installed it was for stats, I‘m a sucker for stats in general. So now I see how “popular” … more →

Switching to Jekyll for blogging?

I cleaned up my WordPress the last few days, got rid of plugins I didn‘t need anymore, removed all unnecessary themes and made some performance optimizations to the current theme. Through that process, I thought about how to improve it even further and how to speed up my writing process. The reason I asked myself … more →

Playing around with a dark Theme

I had some time today so I made some quick changes to my local installation to see how a dark version of the current theme might look like. This was achieved with 10 lines of SASS, not everything was styled and a final version might change the header image as well, this one was just … more →

I created a new folder with a starter theme from u…

I created a new folder with a starter theme from underscores for a possible version Five. I’m not sure when and IF this page gets a new design, but I love the idea of a dark theme, you know to save battery on all those OLED screens, so I’ll see where this will go.

Find stuff…

I’ve added ‘Find Stuff’ functionality and a Storage. The search looks quite good, but the Storage is done in a way that it works for now but I might tinker with it some more later on. That was probably the most urgent thing to do, anything else for now is bonus.