Let’s recap September of 2018, shall we?

Ok, a whole month without one simple post which is not the recap post. But I was busy (and still am) with all the preparations for my short film “Movie Night“. So let me write a bit where things currently are. Screenplay I always wanted to write a Screenplay, then during the whole preparation phase, I … more →

Back when I was writing Screenplays

During my last spring cleaning, I stumbled upon some old stories and screenplays I wrote, so I scanned them all and I was surprised how much I wrote back then. Back then being around 1997. So I scanned 13 stories, some of them in screenplay form, others more like a more detailed outline. I didn’t … more →

Screenplay and possible titles

I haven’t written in screenplay form for a LONG time so it was nice to actually do this again. I’m having this specific scene of the movie in my head for a long time so at one boring moment in last weeks Kick Off Week, I took out my mac and started typing, and this … more →