Some thoughts on 2021

As like last year, after some stats, I follow up with some things that I didn’t like and things I liked during the last year. Gone are the days of ranked lists, these are just randomly put together with no real order. Things I liked Spiderman Far from Home, a lot of hype surrounded this … more →

Some thoughts on 2020

Last year I started with a different kind of look back or recap on the previous year, no more top ten lists but rather an unsorted or alphabetical list of things I liked and didn’t quite like. And also some notes on stuff I did. The idea was to summarize and categorize the year quickly … more →

Some thoughts on 2019

I don’t want to make some top 10 lists about stuff I liked and didn’t like the past year as I did for 2017 (Best Movies, Worst Movies, Best TV Shows). Or just look ahead like I did last year. No, this year I thought I just mention things that I liked, things that I … more →

Let’s recap December of 2018, shall we?

So this is it, the last recap of the year, well not exactly, this is the last monthly recap, a recap of the whole 2018 will still follow sometime this week (hopefully). But yes it has been a busy month actually. I released two videos this month, though technically Juicy Finish was done in November, … more →

Let’s recap November of 2018, shall we?

One more recap to go and then I can choose a new format for next year. Yeah, I know that currently, it seems that all I do is write recaps and maybe another post in between. But a lot has been happening in the last two months. The good news of a new job, the … more →

Let’s recap October of 2018, shall we?

In a way, I did my recap two days ago with an in-depth look back on the making of my first short film “Movie Night”. But I want to keep up this year’s tradition of a monthly recap (at least for another two months). It was a special month, having three weeks off from work … more →

Let’s recap September of 2018, shall we?

Ok, a whole month without one simple post which is not the recap post. But I was busy (and still am) with all the preparations for my short film “Movie Night“. So let me write a bit where things currently are. Screenplay I always wanted to write a Screenplay, then during the whole preparation phase, I … more →

Let’s recap August of 2018, shall we?

Another month has passed which means time for the usual recap. So what happened this month? Well, a lot! It all started with the plan to write and shoot a micro/short film. Since then I’ve been doing lots of research for shooting procedure, for renting equipment and kept my mind busy with the basic shape … more →

Let’s recap July of 2018, shall we?

I wasn’t wrong when I said in last month’s recap that July will be the hottest month of the year, but it seems that the high temperatures will go on at least for another 2 weeks. Well, the weather had a lot of impact on my motivation over the last two weeks, but first, let’s … more →

Let’s recap June of 2018, shall we?

I feel like the number of posts per month is dropping rapidly (8 in May and only 4 in June) which is not a good sign and I need to change that fast, so that’s one of my resolutions for July. Apart from that, it was a somewhat productive month with my 100 Day Drawing Challenge … more →

Let’s recap May of 2018, shall we?

Long time no see. I know, I know, I took a break. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working at all. In fact, I was busy at work, I also did some sketches (not as many as I hoped) like one for Deadpool. I also optimized the Logo and used the Golden Ratio to perfectly … more →

Let’s recap April of 2018, shall we?

Another month has passed and I dialed it down quite a bit, 11 Posts this month. I know it’s a lot less than the usual 30 per month but I think it’s for the better. So let’s see what else happened this month? Well, because of posting less I had more time to do other … more →

Let’s recap March of 2018, shall we?

Another month another 30+ blog posts but this month was hard, there were times I didn’t know WHAT to post, my mind was empty and there was nothing clever to squeeze out of it. But I’m not complaining because this was also the month I discovered or realized what I actually wanna do in my spare … more →

Let’s recap February of 2018, shall we?

I thought I could do a recap at the end of each month about blogging daily and on some personal stuff. When I read this post a few years from now I get a sense of what I did the past month. I‘m still on track to post daily, 28 Blog Posts this month, and … more →

Let’s recap January of 2018, shall we?

That was a busy month for me, mostly thanks to my new year’s resolutions. First, after gaining a bit of weight over the holidays and because I haven‘t worked out since last October, I wanted to get back on the bike at home and really start using it again, not long but at least do … more →