Will movie posters cease to exist?

I recently noticed something while browsing through Disney+ and Netflix, they don’t display the movies with their corresponding Posters. What you get instead are stills from the movie in a 16 by 9 ratio. And the images they chose to represent the movies are odd. I’m sure there is some analytics behind this where it … more →

Got myself some new Posters

A few days ago I wrote a blog entry about the Baby Driver Teaser Poster I bought and hung up my Poster Wall. I also mentioned that I found the Main Poster along with a rare Fight Club Teaser Poster on ebay which I immediately bought. Today they arrived and they look stunning! So here’s … more →

A new addition to my Poster Wall

Baby Driver is another month away from hitting theaters here in Switzerland but I’m already hyped for it. Besides being a new Edgar Wright Movie with a few kickass Trailers its reviews are also excellent. So I had to buy the Teaser Poster for the movie once I saw it in my favorite Poster store … more →


My current Poster Wall

Since 1997 or so I’ve been collecting movie posters, preferably the original US double sided ones, and last year I painted the wall in one of my rooms at home in this very nice dark red (don’t remember the exact name of the color right now) and put 4 frames on the that wall which … more →