Colmar Fall 2019

Short Day-Trip to Colmar

I recently also took a short trip to the beautiful french city Colmar, the weather was changing constantly between light rain and sunshine. Nonetheless, I took my camera with me and tried taking beautiful shots once again. Some of them turned out quite nice with the reflection in the water or with the sky being … more →

My Trip to Stockholm

I went to Stockholm a few weeks ago for a weekend with some buddies of mine and I took my camera with me, obviously, to capture some Images and get better with compositions and everything framing related. I’m still not seeing the obvious better composition sometimes, especially when it comes to creating depth, but I … more →

my Cat Grissu looking mean

Getting back to other Stuff

I was working hard on this theme the last few days but today I realized (when I was trying to figure out how to create a better landing-page) that I need to stop for now. I mean a lot has been done and what’s most important is the fully functional Factory. But I need to … more →

I was in London for a few days

I know it’s been a while since my last Blog post but first I was sick for a few days and then there was a quick trip to London for just a few days to just get out of Switzerland for a few days and see something different again. Of course, the camera made the … more →

Getting into Street Photography

Because making movies or short films or just videos right now is not that easy for me, I started to turn to photography. I mean I will be able to learn compositions in still photography as well and the reason I bought a Sony a7III and not a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, which shoots … more →

I did some Light Testing

I played around with the camera this weekend. First I did take some cool Photographs at dawn from the Roche Tower yesterday evening and today I wanted to play around with my lights at home and practice different kinds of lighting set-ups. I recently purchased some color gels and a large light reflector which I … more →

Just some Random Thoughts

Instead of the usual recap I always did on the last day of the month I thought I just write down some thoughts I had the last few days. But first some words about today’s Featured Image. Last year I wrote the recap post with an image featured a similar shot from Basel during the winter, … more →

Let’s recap December of 2018, shall we?

So this is it, the last recap of the year, well not exactly, this is the last monthly recap, a recap of the whole 2018 will still follow sometime this week (hopefully). But yes it has been a busy month actually. I released two videos this month, though technically Juicy Finish was done in November, … more →

Got myself a new Camera

After Juicy Finish (which was shot on my old Sony a5000) the realization that I’m in need of a new camera got even bigger. So with the recent Black-Friday and tons of special offers left and right I was clever and got the Sony a7III Body for a really great price. Then there was another … more →

Why use generic Stock-Images?

When preparing and writing a blog post I always try to add a visual element to it which mostly consists of a featured image. It’s always better to pick up the reader with something visual that sets the mood because let’s be honest, a text only blog entry looks exhausting. So I search the net … more →

Europapark in the Summer

Many people, including me, always preach to never visit the Europapark in the summer, especially with school being out in many parts of France, Germany and Switzerland. Well, we decided to fuck all those warnings and risk it. The weather forecast was actually perfect, it wasn’t supposed to be hot and a bit cloudy. So … more →

My self made leather Bracelet

I was never really the guy to wear bracelets and rings but I thought about giving it a try, just wanted to add something to my naked right arm (the apple watch is on the left wrist). Since I’m not the tattoo guy bracelets seem the obvious choice. But when I saw some of the … more →

My brand new Bike

So I bought a new bike, my first own bike after… let me think… 20 years, and I’m loving it. I once owned a bike as a teenager and I actually had it for maybe a month before it was stolen. In the mean time, I used whatever bike my family didn’t need at the … more →

Pigeons shitting on my Balcony

While I was googling some things to keep the pigeons from shitting on my balcony, something very funny happened. Well, the easiest way seems to be to place a plastic raven on the balcony which scares the doves away. I then remembered that one of my neighbors has one of these already, so I looked … more →

A year has passed…

well almost a year has passed since I’ve done anything on this place and since just a logo has plastered the homepage. Well the reason for the change is because I had the urge to do something again and mostly I had the urge to use the little time I have on a daily basis … more →

Axl is Back… and so am I

Today is the day of the return of Guns N’ Roses to Switzerland. The last time I’ve seen them live was here in Basel on June 16th, 1993… that’s almost exactly 13 years to the day… The anticipation is really high and I’m really pumped up for tonight :) Getting to hear some new tunes … more →

Cosmo in the Box

Damn, I love him, Cosmo, our cat and which is of course named after the famous TV Character :D he of course also behaves like him with all his crazy moods. Well anyway, Cosmo tends to LOVE getting into boxes or closets or whatever… my mom calls him our box-kid (makes more sense in German). … more →

Shooter drinks are bad

Damn what a weekend, 3 days in a row having a great time with friends and drinking alcohol. I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be able to go through with this but I think that after these heavy 3 days I should cut back a bit and I also want to. But I realized that … more →

Finally a Burger King

It’s here… its finally here, I still can’t believe it that this time it’s finally happening. There were many rumors in the last few years of the first Burger King store opening in my town but now this is proof that it’s really happening now. No more just Big Macs or Big Tasty, now I … more →

The Party

Yeah, today is my birthday but the big party started yesterday evening. I’ve done this now 3 times in a row only shrank the guest list down from last year because having too many people on a party can actually be counterproductive for the host, no time to relax, always greeting people or taking drink … more →