Vacation in sight

I know I’m still quiet but I’m crawling to the finish line and hopefully, this off time will give me a boost. I do have some plans for that time, like doing a video course in ThreeJS, reading two books (one of them being my favorite one “Invisible Monsters“), taking long walks, maybe do a … more →

Did I lose my Mojo?

It’s been such a long time since I’m posted anything and what kinda bugs me is that I’ve had multiple moments where I felt like I could post something about this or that but every time I’ve chosen the consuming way and watch something on TV instead. There are so many things I kinda want … more →

I took a break

It’s been some time since my last post and the reason for this was that I took a break, deliberately. I used this time to do other stuff, like catch up on some movies or TV Shows, did try out some games, and made some purchases like a VR Headset. Now I’m on a break … more →

This place is like a diary

It happens quite a lot that I can’t remember when I did a certain thing, like build my PC. So I come here and use the search and the date of the blog post tells me when that happened. I realized that this website is kinda like a diary for me and that doesn’t bother … more →

Me looking skeptical

Byebye 2020

It’s finally time to say goodbye to a weird and sometimes awful year. I won’t go into much detail about the past year, that is something which will come later on. This is merely just a farewell post, nothing less nothing more. See you next year…

It’s already November?

Sometimes time flies by quickly and somehow the last month was one of those times. But a lot happened the last few weeks, so let me get into some of those things: SoaPatrickEight As you might have noticed, some things changed slightly around here, I added a key visual on the right side which kinda … more →

Where was I?

Ah yes… writing a lot more to overcome this hole I’m finding myself in. Well, I have some good news actually. I plan on releasing SoaPatrickEight sometime this weekend. Now, this won’t look like the screenshot from the last post, but more similar to SoaPatrickSeven, it’s actually the same base with some changes. But like … more →

It’s been a different year…

I think we can all agree that the year 2020 (and maybe even part of 2021) will be remembered as a very different year, one that might change how we as a society function, but it’s also a very different year for each one of us personally. At the beginning of the corona outbreak, I … more →

Doing what makes me happy

I’ve been thinking a lot about this the last few days and 2 days ago it hit me. First I was kinda annoyed about myself that I kept tinkering with my website instead of doing some movie stuff and then there’s the issue with Blender not running well on my Mac Mini and me thinking … more →

Today is my 40th Birthday

Today is my 40th Birthday, so I thought it was fitting to change something on this page. A quick Illustrator session to create a vector 40 to replace the SP, but just for today.

What ‘The Body’ means to me

The Body is the 16th Episode from the 5th Season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and it’s a tough one. I’ve been watching and rewatching Buffy a few times now and the moment this episode is on I turn into an emotional wreck. For me, this episode is one of the best hour of TV … more →

Being Healthy…

… is something I think people do not cherish enough. It’s only ever an issue when you’re sick or you’re in pain, then you yearn for the times you’ve been healthy. I’m just thinking about this issue a bit more recently because, on one hand, I am getting older, and I tend to feel my … more →

I’m still walking around in Basel

My most important New Years Resolution this year was the one about walking through EVERY street in Basel. It’s an ambitious project and one that people often under estimate. People don’t realize what that actually means, but there are so many small roads and tiny alleys that you have to walk through some streets more … more →

Having A Weird Dream

A lot of time has passed since my last entry, this wasn’t planned or anything, I was just very short on time to write something and not a lot of newsworthy stuff happened, but then again, what IS newsworthy. Anyway, I had a weird dream tonight, first I have to explain that I was at … more →

Welcome To The Year 2005

And welcome to my blog. I thought about starting one quite a few times, even had one running a while, 2 years ago I think, (didn’t make it public though) but I never had them keep going for more than just a week. With this one I wanna change this, I really wanna keep this … more →