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It’s Kirby Time

I’ve decided to leave WordPress as my CMS and move over to Kirby, a flat-file CMS. I’ve been using WordPress for a LOOOOOOONG time, so this wasn’t an easy decision, and it sure wasn’t a decision that was made in a haste or quickly. I thought long and hard about this and after some testing … more →

Kirby + Vite + Tailwind + Threejs

Yes, that’s a mouthful but I’ve been playing around with Kirby a lot the last few days (trying to recreate SP9 with it and see what is possible and what is not) and it’s been a blast. The idea with this development stack is to have a quick way of developing and deploying the website … more →

Switching CMS?

With my plan to extend the whole personal part of this website, meaning the Patrick part, I was thinking of how to achieve my plan and if WordPress is the CMS to go forward with. I’ve been using WordPress as my CMS for 17 years and I’ve got to know it quite a bit and … more →