Time for a quick status update on the Factory…

Time for a quick status update on the Factory. I’ve done some more work over there, included many past projects which were missing and finally added tags to the Factory Items. I’ve also done some small optical changes to the website, maybe you notice them. I’m slowly working my way through my backlog.

Factory Items have a detail view

I was working hard on Sunday to finally expand the Factory section to more than just a simple overview and have an actual detail view with more information and bigger Picture or Video. Not all items have some information about its development, but I thought at least have the original image or the video shown. … more →

SoaPatrick needs to change a bit

Now that I plan on doing more video work on a monthly basis (maybe even weekly) this place needs to change a bit and reflect those projects a lot better than just being part of a new Blog entry. I thought in the past about doing some sort of landing page with the latest Video … more →

History repeats itself once more

For the third time within a bit more than a year, I use the phrase The Soap Factory just opened its doors. The first time in January 2018 and then again early this year in March. I know it’s getting tired of me closing and opening it again and again but I’m hoping to have it … more →

Some more Factory tweeking

Made some further changes to the Factory by creating new (and more improved for some cases) preview images plus adding some new Factory Items which were created recently. Still, the detail page is missing because I don’t have any idea yet on how to construct them. I’m thinking about making them look different than the … more →

The Soap Factory just opened its doors once again!…

The Soap Factory just opened its doors once again! So far only with images and no detail page, that will follow once I’ve included all the recent Factory Items.

I should bring back the Factory

With my plan on doing animations, I thought about my Portfolio/Factory section which should really have some sort of comeback. I mean it would be nice to collect all these things I created somewhere and displayed nicely. For a second I really thought about buying a WordPress Theme with a portfolio already included because right … more →

The Soap Factory just opened its doors again! Hop…

The Soap Factory just opened its doors again! Hopefully new things will be produced in the near future :)