Cutting with Purpose

Today I finished the first Video Board cut for Cursor and I had some problems with it at first because the movie will have more cuts than any of my previous movies before. I spent a lot of time moving scenes around in and nothing really satisfied me when I started to remember from some … more →

Let’s recap July of 2018, shall we?

I wasn’t wrong when I said in last month’s recap that July will be the hottest month of the year, but it seems that the high temperatures will go on at least for another 2 weeks. Well, the weather had a lot of impact on my motivation over the last two weeks, but first, let’s … more →

Video Editing is a Hassle

I’ve been editing I think for more than a day and it’s a pain in the ass when you’re working with an 8-Year-old iMac. There were a number of issues, first I cannot work with 4K Videos, so I had to shoot in Full HD to even be able to edit the footage. This meant … more →