And here is the rest

Unfortunately, I cannot deliver a full 12 days batch here because after Day 43 I had other priorities. But nonetheless, I thought I should at least present what I have been doing. What I started doing and what I think is clearly visible, is testing some basic stuff, like shapes and shadows, also hatching and … more →

A Recap of the Drawing Challenge

I thought it would be a good idea to recap the 100 Days Drawing Challenge with days 25 to 36, even though I’m currently not drawing any further. Glancing over all the days, there’s of course day which stands out and that would be day 36. That day even got its own Blog post. But another … more →

Let’s recap July of 2018, shall we?

I wasn’t wrong when I said in last month’s recap that July will be the hottest month of the year, but it seems that the high temperatures will go on at least for another 2 weeks. Well, the weather had a lot of impact on my motivation over the last two weeks, but first, let’s … more →

My first good Self-Portrait

I’ve been drawing now for 40 days in the 100 Day Drawing Challenge and I’m passed the moment where I draw for just 10 minutes a long time ago. But who cares right? I’m drawing that’s what counts. Well on Friday I started with a new attempt on a self-portrait and more than two hours … more →

A Look back on Days 13 to 24

After the first 12 day recap, it was time to look back on the next 12 days on my way to the 100 Day Drawing Challenge. I must admit on some days it was rather difficult to get motivated and I think it shows in some of the thumbnails. But on the other hand, there … more →

Let’s recap June of 2018, shall we?

I feel like the number of posts per month is dropping rapidly (8 in May and only 4 in June) which is not a good sign and I need to change that fast, so that’s one of my resolutions for July. Apart from that, it was a somewhat productive month with my 100 Day Drawing Challenge … more →

The End is Near

No not the end of this place here, rather the end of the work project meaning more time again for this place and I kinda look forward diving into my own little world again. In the meantime, I will continue drawing my daily challenge (on day 16 now). Here is yesterday’s challenge, even though it … more →

Time for a Status Update

I thought it would be time to write a status update on my 100 Days Drawing Challenge just in case some people out there think I stopped or worse yet never started. I know I’ve been awfully quiet lately, that’s because a Project at work is eating up a lot of my creative energy and the … more →

Starting my new Challenge, Today!

I thought about how to move forward, improve my drawing skills and make a fun game out of it which keeps me drawing daily. I remembered the 30 Day Drawing Challenge I did last year and how much I learned but also how stressful it became to draw something daily. So I thought I change … more →

I’ve got some reading to do

I stumbled upon some drawing books I’ve found in one of my boxes in the cellar: Drawing Dynamic Comics and Drawing Cutting Edge Comics. Then I also found Inspired 3D Short Film Production, a book I bought for one of the classes in school, that one might be helpful. And I bought Creating Characters from Draw … more →

Am I getting lazy?

It seems that I’ve settled on how my drawings look like and recently it has become a quick copy/paste job and that’s why all my drawings look the same, at least to me. I don’t take risks or try new things, I stay within my comfort zone and I need to break out of it, … more →

“Infinity War” shocked me

Avengers Infinity War is not really a movie, it’s an event, an event 10 years in the making. I think Infinity War is best described as the Season Finale of Season 3 (or Phase Three when speaking in Marvel Cinematic Universe terms). So the anticipation was high and the movie delivered on all fronts. It’s … more →

Let’s recap April of 2018, shall we?

Another month has passed and I dialed it down quite a bit, 11 Posts this month. I know it’s a lot less than the usual 30 per month but I think it’s for the better. So let’s see what else happened this month? Well, because of posting less I had more time to do other … more →

I made my first Comic Strip

This week was the birthday of a very good friend of mine, so I bought her a gift, obviously, and decided to draw a possible outcome of me giving her the gift as a Comic Strip, and giver her that as well. I took me around 10 hours to draw and colorize it but the … more →

Just a couple things…

Finally, springtime has arrived which made it possible to go out, with just a t-shirt, hang around on the Rhein with a beer and enjoy the warm sunny weather. The weather was also warm enough to go for a bike ride and damn was I not in shape. But in the end, I pulled through … more →

I had to take the Week off

It was such a stressful week that I had to take some time off from the daily blogging to recharge my batteries and to stop trying to find something to write about because the last month there were times when I just wrote that I have nothing to write about. So Instead of doing that … more →

Let’s recap March of 2018, shall we?

Another month another 30+ blog posts but this month was hard, there were times I didn’t know WHAT to post, my mind was empty and there was nothing clever to squeeze out of it. But I’m not complaining because this was also the month I discovered or realized what I actually wanna do in my spare … more →

Hard at Work, here’s Proof

With the limited time I have at home, besides work, having a social life and you know the essentials like sleeping and eating, I’m working hard to draw things. Thank god the overly long Easter-Weekend is ahead of me so that I can find a bit of time to do a few long overdue chores, my … more →

The Life of Patrick

Just a quick update for today. Actually, I wanted to make an even short status update but then while drawing I had such a blast with these that I decided to post them as today’s Blog post. The reason I chose this specific version from yesterdays post was the simplicity and of it and because it was … more →