Using Bitbucket Pipelines

In my last post (I know it’s been awhile) I described my use of Buddy.Works for the deployment process. Well since Bitbucket uses it’s own deployment pipelines and because for work it was better to use the same tool for everything, I started to read up on pipelines. The result is a bitbucket-pipelines.yml file for … more →

Improve Deployment Process

Back in January 2018 I (finally) switched to Git for my WordPress Theme development and since then everything I change gets a new commit. After that Buddy.Works checks my repository and updates the theme on every push. Now since all styling changes are made through my SCSS files I used to commit the compiled CSS … more →

SoaPatrick needs to change a bit

Now that I plan on doing more video work on a monthly basis (maybe even weekly) this place needs to change a bit and reflect those projects a lot better than just being part of a new Blog entry. I thought in the past about doing some sort of landing page with the latest Video … more →

I made some housecleaning on my blog and at the sa…

I made some housecleaning on my blog (removed old Themes and Plugins I don’t use anymore) and also some old Blogs who used up Databases. And at the same time thought I could finally use Git to develop and deploy changes to the theme. It’s a much more streamlined development workflow now which hopefully brings lots of benefits, especially for a possible future new design.