And here is the rest

Unfortunately, I cannot deliver a full 12 days batch here because after Day 43 I had other priorities. But nonetheless, I thought I should at least present what I have been doing. What I started doing and what I think is clearly visible, is testing some basic stuff, like shapes and shadows, also hatching and … more →

A Recap of the Drawing Challenge

I thought it would be a good idea to recap the 100 Days Drawing Challenge with days 25 to 36, even though I’m currently not drawing any further. Glancing over all the days, there’s of course day which stands out and that would be day 36. That day even got its own Blog post. But another … more →

My first good Self-Portrait

I’ve been drawing now for 40 days in the 100 Day Drawing Challenge and I’m passed the moment where I draw for just 10 minutes a long time ago. But who cares right? I’m drawing that’s what counts. Well on Friday I started with a new attempt on a self-portrait and more than two hours … more →

A Look back on Days 13 to 24

After the first 12 day recap, it was time to look back on the next 12 days on my way to the 100 Day Drawing Challenge. I must admit on some days it was rather difficult to get motivated and I think it shows in some of the thumbnails. But on the other hand, there … more →

Let’s recap June of 2018, shall we?

I feel like the number of posts per month is dropping rapidly (8 in May and only 4 in June) which is not a good sign and I need to change that fast, so that’s one of my resolutions for July. Apart from that, it was a somewhat productive month with my 100 Day Drawing Challenge … more →

The End is Near

No not the end of this place here, rather the end of the work project meaning more time again for this place and I kinda look forward diving into my own little world again. In the meantime, I will continue drawing my daily challenge (on day 16 now). Here is yesterday’s challenge, even though it … more →

Time for a Status Update

I thought it would be time to write a status update on my 100 Days Drawing Challenge just in case some people out there think I stopped or worse yet never started. I know I’ve been awfully quiet lately, that’s because a Project at work is eating up a lot of my creative energy and the … more →

Starting my new Challenge, Today!

I thought about how to move forward, improve my drawing skills and make a fun game out of it which keeps me drawing daily. I remembered the 30 Day Drawing Challenge I did last year and how much I learned but also how stressful it became to draw something daily. So I thought I change … more →

I completed the challenge!!!

I finished the challenge a week ago, I just needed some time to relax because it was a stressful time but a very rich experience and I’ve learned so much. So here are the last two challenges: Day 28 – A Place you want to go One could argue that going to a place you’ve … more →

Only two more challenges two go

Week four and days 22 to 28 and I’m crawling to the finish line, glad when I passed it. So here’s the past week: Day 22 – Something you miss The week started with a real emotional rollercoaster. I knew from the very start what I would draw this day and then actually be drawing … more →

Third Week of the Drawing Challenge

Week three and days 15 to 21 and still going strong, but still some tougher and easier challenges, so let’s go right into them: Day 15 – Family Portrait Looking at the list when I started, I saw a few potentially tricky challenges, this was one of them. I’ve chosen to draw my closest family … more →

Second week and seven more drawings

The second week is done and it was much harder to keep the drawings coming each day. Therefore certain drawings seem rather easy because there was simply not enough time. But let’s go into each one: Day 8 – Favorite Animated Character I had a blast drawing the little Donald Infinity Figure. So much so that … more →

First Week Recap

Last Sunday I decided to start a 30 Day Drawing Challenge with a new challenge each day. After the first week, I can say that it’s not that easy finding the time each evening to draw something but I pulled through so here’s the result so far: Day 1 – Draw Yourself Starting with a … more →

30 Day Drawing Challenge

In order to get into gears when it comes to creativity and actually do something with my iPad Pro I decided to do the 30-day drawing challenge, starting tomorrow. The concept isn’t new and googling ’30 day drawing challenge’ gets a lot of picture results from people doing the challenge (with sometimes different challenges). But … more →