A fresh start with further improvements

After watching some more video tutorials on Blender, I decided to start from scratch with the sheep and try to make it easier to manipulate the head. So I worked with mirroring for the eyes to achieve a better symetry and tried to move the objects better on their axis, especially the now moving eyeballs. … more →

Improving 3D Sheep

I fiddled around with my sheep some more and learned how to increase the resolution of the 3D Objects to make it a lot more smoother. I also made the legs shorter, looks better now and I wanted to improve the horns/ears and the right eyelid but then the animation stopped working. So I leave … more →

My first 3D animation

Well I started working with blender, the free open source 3D modeling software, and created a 3D Model from the sheep and then added some small animation and all this within 6 hours (more or less). I’m happy with it, sure it’s all very basic but that’s because I’m REALLY new to all this but … more →