What’s in store for 2022

For the past two years I started each year the same, first I run some numbers from the previous year, then I look at what I liked and what I didn’t like and finally I try to look forward, give a preview of what this place can expect the following 12 months. When I go … more →

Getting into VR

I’ve had my first VR experience about a year ago, where I went to a VR Center and tried on a rather old headset and could experience certain worlds by just walking (or better yet, teleporting) around. It was fascinating but the quality was subpar and I knew that there are better headsets out there. … more →

My Apartment version 2.0

I’ve been doing a lot of apartment stuff in Blender for other people and because of that, I learned a lot, and then I thought I could reapply all those things I’ve learned to my own apartment. So I started from scratch, use the old apartment only for measurement and build all the walls now … more →

Colored pens made with Blender

What has been happening

It’s been some time since anything happened here, well some things happened, I just didn’t post something about it. But yeah it’s a difficult time for all of us and sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s not so easy, but I think we all try to do our best to overcome these times. Prototype I’ve … more →

What’s in store for 2021

After a day of numbers and a day of looking back, it’s time to look ahead of talk about what to expect from 2021. The thing I noticed last year is that I was lacking a clear focus on things. I had all these ideas in my head and I was jumping between them way … more →

Returning to Blender?

I can’t believe what’s happening, I really did something again in Blender and I could use the full power of my ‘newly’ build PC and render images in a timely fashion. I must admit, it came out of nowhere but I don’t try to analyze why that it’s happening now and just enjoy it. So … more →

Trying out new stuff

The cool thing about having my living-room build in Blender is that it allows me to play around with certain ideas. What if I want to buy a new and bigger TV? How will it look, will it fit? What if I want to rearrange the living room and make room for something else but … more →

My living-rooms becomes even more detailed

It seems all that I’m currently working on is my Apartment in Blender, which is only half true, there are or were other projects which will all become their spotlight here as well, but slowly adding more details to my living room and making it look more and more real is so much fun. The … more →

Minature Blender of my Living-Room (Studio Light)

Added more details to my living-room

I added more details to my living room, especially in the TV area, and played around with lighting a lot more. I realized that instead of using faces for lighting with the emission shader, I should start using the light objects properly, this really decreased the noise in the images with far fewer render cycles.

Moody Bar made in Blender

Continued with my Apartment

In April I had this idea to create my whole apartment in Blender, and render it in miniature form. But, I will add enough details to the objects so that I can render close up shots as well any maybe use my digitized apartment in some form for movies. For quite some time I tried … more →

Grissu cleaning herself

A lot has happened in April

I thought it would be nice to make a recap once again (mentioned this in yesterday’s blog post, this was written mainly before that one), the last one I did was in December 2018 I think. But since I did so much in the last month I thought I’d go through it again, you know, … more →

Race Preview Image

Race, a short Blender Animation

Ok, that wasn’t actually planned, there’s a draft somewhere for a blog post about everything that happened in April, but I never really got to finish it because this beast here kept me busy for the last 3 days. What started as a test with certain Blender techniques, turned into this huge project with animation … more →

Bender in Blender

Bender in Blender

I’ve started with some character design and I thought Bender from Futurama might be the easiest one because of his shape, but still had some difficulties getting it right. I also spend a lot of time fixing some beginner mistakes I made early on, but I’m learning new things every day and I apply what … more →

Pepper created in Blender

No Blender Animations for now

I’ve created a blender version of something I truly hate but it was good practice to test out some stuff. I actually tried to make an animation where dozens of peppers are rolling down the street, but after using 20 my Mac Mini wasn’t responding anymore. I’ve noticed that as soon as I play around … more →

Blender Rendering of my Apartment

My Apartment in Blender

I’ve started a new bigger Project with Blender, my whole apartment in a miniature version. Laying down the initial ground structure took quite a long time because I had to measure every room and every space between doorways and walls. Then creating the wall in Blender took way longer because I had different approaches on … more →

Here, have a Goody

For a private web project that’s in the making for some time, there was a need for a visual goody, something that represents that project perfectly. So today I started creating that goody in Blender and a day later I have something which I’m just damn proud of. The render time of a 4K image … more →

Home Office with Blender

The first short film is still in the planning stage but I ended up using Blender to recreate my Office so I could plan shots. I was using Blender a lot longer than I wanted to but I realized that my Mac Mini IS capable of some stuff. I learned a few new tricks with … more →

Started to play around with Blender, again

Yup, I’ve taken the Blender App out of the attic, dusted it off and gave it another go. Well, I was surprised how much the interface changed since the last time I’ve been using it. Version 2.8.1 sure has some major changes under the hood and it feels nice. But then reality kicked in, my … more →

My new Bar designed in Blender

My initial plan was to create something with SketchUp to get an idea how a bar in my living room might look like. After frustrating 30 minutes with it I had to ditch SketchUp and decided to once again go back to Blender. I’ve used Blender in the past for various small projects (like my … more →