Let’s recap October of 2018, shall we?

In a way, I did my recap two days ago with an in-depth look back on the making of my first short film “Movie Night”. But I want to keep up this year’s tradition of a monthly recap (at least for another two months). It was a special month, having three weeks off from work … more →

Shooting a short Video

I must confess, I wasn’t drawing the last few days for the 100 Days Drawing Challenge because I was trying something new. I decided to stop making up any more excuses and just shoot a short clip. So I stood up very early on my day off and just walked around town and filmed stuff … more →

Airpods after 4 Months

Four Months ago I purchased the Airpods when they were on sale, I thought it was a good offer and I was in need of new small Bluetooth headphones after I bought myself a new iPhone, one without a headphone jack. I hesitated a long time with the Airpods because people look kinda funny wearing them, and … more →

Three Months with an iPhone X

For the last three months, minus the 2 weeks where it was off to the Czech Republic for repairment, I’ve been using an iPhone X. I hesitated a long time to actually buy one, I think the infamous Notch was the main reason why. But on December 23rd I was in a spontaneous mood and was … more →

Finally got my iPhone X back today

After a two week trip to Czech Republic where my iPhone X got repaired and back I’m finally in possession of my iPhone again. During this process, I noticed a few things I did wrong. First I did make a backup of my iPhone X the moment I knew I had to send it in because of … more →

My new iPhone Gear has to wait

Today I wanted to discuss the new gear I bought for my iPhone to shoot some of those short videos I‘ve talked about but somehow the fact that I have to send in my iPhone for repairs put a small dent on my mood. It seems that the recently replaced front glass is not holding … more →

Just a quick shout out to Apple for fixing my Disp…

Just a quick shout out to Apple for fixing my Display free of charge after I accidentally dropped it, well it flew out of my jacket’s pocket. After that, there was a black spot on the top left corner (apparently liquid which could have spread further over time) and it blocked the time. I’m a happy guy again with a fully functional iPhone!

Soderbergh shows how it’s done

Funny coincidence, yesterday I talked about shooting videos on an iPhone X because of its ability to shoot in 4K Resolution and later that evening, FOX releases the Trailer for Steven Soderbergh‘s new movie. Soderbergh has always been auteur by trying new things, so this time he shot an entire Movie with an iPhone X … more →

Shooting Videos with an iPhone?!?

There are some blog posts, especially from way back in the day, where I talk about shooting movies. There are even two Short Films, Short Films? Let’s not call them Short Films, let’s just call them Scenes or Clips. One was The Insider and the other one was Slippery When Wet. It was fun shooting them and … more →

Did I buy the wrong Phone?

I’ve been an iPhone user since day one, my mom bought me a 1st Generation iPhone from the states. I’ve had an iPhone 1, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and I’ve used the iPhone 6 for three years when Apple released the iPhone X. I knew it was time for a new Phone but … more →

Going wireless with the Airpods

I thought long and hard about getting the Airpods (i think they are out for over a year now?) but because they seemed expensive and they look funny/weird/dumb on people I hesitated. Now recently two things changed. After 3 years I bought myself a new phone and there was a good offer on the Airpods, … more →