Race Preview Image

Race, a short Blender Animation

Ok, that wasn’t actually planned, there’s a draft somewhere for a blog post about everything that happened in April, but I never really got to finish it because this beast here kept me busy for the last 3 days. What started as a test with certain Blender techniques, turned into this huge project with animation … more →

Let’s recap March of 2018, shall we?

Another month another 30+ blog posts but this month was hard, there were times I didn’t know WHAT to post, my mind was empty and there was nothing clever to squeeze out of it. But I’m not complaining because this was also the month I discovered or realized what I actually wanna do in my spare … more →

Here are some Further Explanations

Sooooo the last two days and the respective blog posts were a bit off and so was I, still not feeling good but I try to keep it together for this entry where I try to further explain my realization and my plan on how to go forward. Animated Videos First, let me go further … more →

I had some Time to Think about it!

Something changed that weekend. You know, I was always interested in many creative things. Taking pictures, making movies, writing stories, making websites, drawing and even some drumming. But I can’t do it all and expect to be good at it. Then this weekend I stumbled upon the new Adobe App Character Animator and suddenly it … more →

Stumbled upon an old Video

A few years ago I started to play around with drawing on the iPad (back then without the precision of the Apple Pencil) and character Animation. It was a good learning experience but, like I mentioned on Tuesday, the actual process of animating the character was much much longer because of my inexperience using After … more →

Coming up with a new story

I started to think about a different story for my sheep movie and currently I’m headed in a direction which is very straight forward when it comes to the whole 3-act structure. There’s the inciting incident following by the plot point #1 which ends the 1st act. What follows are some obstactles and the midpoint and then … more →

Rewrite Animated Short

Well I decided to rewrite my animated short because now after working with Blender I actually wanna do that short and I think my idea with the boy and the interface is just a bit too complicated to do with blender all by myself in a realistic timeframe. Sooo…. I reduce all the complex things … more →

A fresh start with further improvements

After watching some more video tutorials on Blender, I decided to start from scratch with the sheep and try to make it easier to manipulate the head. So I worked with mirroring for the eyes to achieve a better symetry and tried to move the objects better on their axis, especially the now moving eyeballs. … more →

Improving 3D Sheep

I fiddled around with my sheep some more and learned how to increase the resolution of the 3D Objects to make it a lot more smoother. I also made the legs shorter, looks better now and I wanted to improve the horns/ears and the right eyelid but then the animation stopped working. So I leave … more →

My first 3D animation

Well I started working with blender, the free open source 3D modeling software, and created a 3D Model from the sheep and then added some small animation and all this within 6 hours (more or less). I’m happy with it, sure it’s all very basic but that’s because I’m REALLY new to all this but … more →

Story Reel Video

After the storyboards, it was time to create my first story reel video with After Effects and later with Premiere Pro. It’s not perfect (black border all around the video) but it’s the first thing and I’m still getting the hang out of it. The story still has some problems, most of all with the … more →

Improved Storyboards

With a template from the professor, I redrew all the storyboards and made some things more clearer. The next step now is to import those storyboards into Adobe Premiere and create a 2D animatic scene which gives me a time feeling of the scene and shows me a lot more what’s missing and where do … more →

First draft of Storyboards

For the school project we had to create a first draft with storyboard so I used my iPad and the amazing Paper App on the train rides to school and this is what I came up with. A Boy with no care in the world is walking from the left to the right when he … more →

New Short Movie #2

Yesterday while thinking about the writer at war with the typewriter short story, I also realized that for a new course in school I have to come up with a better short video for introducing Venom’s Lab! 2, the current video looks like this Now my idea (for now): A small kid is having a … more →