Switching to GitHub

A few years ago, 2018 to be exact, I started using Git for my WordPress Theme development process. I've chosen Bitbucket because it allowed keeping my Repositories private. Let's just say I was insecure about showing my code to others.

Bitbucket was my home for four years but because I started using Bitbucket at work as well, I wanted to switch things up and get to know something else. So I imported all my old WordPress themes from Bitbucket to Github and made them public as well, no more hiding.

I also made the Repository for SoaPatrick on Kirby public as well, so that you can all check out how messy the current version is behind the scenes (it's still a work in progress).

I plan on adding better Readme files and also some descriptions to those repositories. There are also other projects, like some ThreeJS work, which might find their way to GitHub, but there I need to clean stuff up a bit first.

This whole process is part of something bigger which will be part of the Soap Factory, but more on that some other time.