Switching keyboards

I’ve made a bold move recently, I’ve started using a US keyboard. But let’s go back just a bit.

I watch a lot of Youtube content and sooner or later, as someone who watches a lot of gadget or gear channels, you stumble upon a video where someone mentions a mechanical keyboard. I must admit, they look amazing and so I’ve started to watch more of those videos and was sucked into the endless possibilities of mechanical keyboards with their custom switches and custom keycaps.

Now the hard truth is that if you’re living in Switzerland and on top of that are using a Mac you’re fucked when it comes to mechanical keyboards and especially keycaps. No one really cares about ISO Swiss layouts, so there was really only one way to go… all in with a US keyboard and pretty much relearn everything I’ve learned the last, oh I don’t know… 20 years.

So for ten days now I’ve been rocking a Keychron K6 and I think I’m getting better at typing regular text but the real pain right now is writing code, all those special characters you need for writing HTML and CSS are on different keys. But if I don’t keep on doing what I’m doing now I can’t get any better so I will stick with it. And as proof that I’m really sticking with it is the fact that I ordered two sets of keycaps, one Cherry and one XDA because I really think that lower profile keycaps will be more suitable for me. And on top of that, I also ordered myself the new Keychron Q2 with a Knob, why you ask? Well because I cannot write at work on a normal Swiss keyboard, I will need a US keyboard now everywhere!

Yes, you may call me crazy but sometimes you take huge burdens on yourself just to have something cool even if it takes a while until you fully can enjoy it, plus US keyboards are MADE for writing code, all the special characters are located on better-suited keys anyway.