Strangers with Candy Episode

I had to sleep during the day first cause yesterday was a loooooong night:) As you have seen, the intro page has changed and now you can reach this page through the following domain name:

(thanks to 'Uwe' for the idea and the name) What do you guys think of it?

The season finale of 'Strangers with Candy' will air again. According to 'Sue' it will air this Saturday at 12:30 AM. So everyone who has forgotten to tape can do it then:) Thanks a lot 'Sue'

'Yann' sent me those pics which are from a sho called 'Dr. Katz'. I have never heard from this before, does anyone have some info? Thanks a lot 'Yann':)

Tomorrow I'll bring you new pics from 'Delyar' and 'Hervé' (Wooohoooo he's back:)) So see you all tomorrow:)