October 2005

Happy Birthday Winona

Sometime and somewhere today Winona turns 34 (or has already) and is hopefully having a kick-ass party :) It's really great to see her (at least in public) having fun and working again. So I wish … more →

"A Scanner Darkly" Info Page

This is something I wanted to do for quite some time but now on version 10, it has become quite easy to create it. The info page will contain news entries which have news or info related to the … more →

Luis Vuitton Red Carpet Video

Rundstedt2001 has made another great find: a short video from the red carpet in Paris on the Luis Vuitton store opening. it's a WMV file and only 2mb big and runs for 22 seconds. Big thank you to … more →

The Party

Yeah, today is my birthday but the big party started yesterday evening. I've done this now 3 times in a row only shrank the guest list down from last year because having too many people on a party … more →

New Theme, New Poll

So it's Sunday again, which means a new poll has been added. I thought of a smooth transition from an AGCN related poll to Winona polls in the future could be this one. Does Winona know about this … more →

Here we go again

Just what the world needs, another blog from me, it's actually my third now on the same server. So why a third? Have I so much to say? So many wild stories to tell? Is my life so rich with excitement … more →

Darwin Awards Article

ChrisB found an article on the net of Winona's upcoming movie The Darwin Awards also starring Joseph Fiennes. The article is about the directors' experience to use Digital Color correction. Its a … more →

No shooting yet

As you might have figured out, no shooting of 'Slippery When Wet' has taken place yet. There are two reasons for it, #1 I was working very intensely on AGCN recently where I created several themes … more →

New AGCN Add-Ons

The page has received new things and add-ons over the weekend, maybe some people already noticed it. The latest thing has just been added a few seconds ago and now it's time to let the people who … more →

HQ Winona Pics from Paris

Rundstedt2001 searched the whole net (according to himself) to find HQ pictures from Winona's sighting at the Louis Vuitton Flagship Store Opening Party in Paris and was successful at … more →