June 2013

Slippery follows Insider

After The Insider I uploaded my other video on Vimeo: Slippery When Wet. For the first short clip entirely done with my own equipment, I tried to keep it simple and just test a few things (but … more →

The Insider goes Vimeo

Well, I thought I could upload my old movies to Vimeo and so I started with The Insider. Originally planned as the opening scene of a longer Matrix-fan movie, this one-day shooting took place on the … more →

New name and new home...

After months (or maybe even years?) of thinking about designs and names for my own personal place I finally found a new Name. Well, it’s not quite a new name since I’ve been using it as a username in … more →

I think this is it...

After months of looking and thinking about the design of my place, this is something I really like. It’s simple, it's clean, it’s responsive (and I didn’t do it myself). Well I did some tinkering … more →

Soap Logo

Trying to get back into the Game

I know that it’s been quite some time since my last post but with school, the bachelor thesis and work, especially work, it was kinda hard to work on this place as well. So now I try to dedicate some … more →

look at that, the place has changed, not my work but I like it