July 2000

Public Pics from Delyar

I just realized that the dates weren't correct the last few days:)) Btw I wanna thank everyone who mailed me or wrote something on the message board about the new design. Thanks for your nice words:) … more →

New AGCN Version

Wooohooo:)) It's here and now I'm really curious about how you people like it. Mail me or write something on the message board good stuff and bad stuff, both are welcome:)) It's still not perfectly … more →

AGCN Design News

Ok the time has come, after a lot of double shifts during the last 3 days (Yesterday I worked the whole day on the design) it's ready:)) Everything looks great but there's still one tiny problem. I … more →

Cinema Article & Pics

On Tuesday I started with a completely new design and today I finished it but I have big problems to make it work for Netscape and I don't know how to solve it. I really try everything but if it … more →

AINY Commercial Info

Hey guys, today I have a little bit of everything:) Some new pics, new sound files, crazy news and even a description of some new scenes which you'll find in the new TV commercials of 'Autumn in New … more →

Autumn In NY Article

Text: I didn't do everything on the pics section but the biggest part, I updated the Public pics, the rest will follow (hopefully for tomorrow) and also the sound clip from GI, sorry 'Uwe' 'Linh' was … more →