January 2017

The Soap Factory just opened its doors again! Hopefully, new things will be produced in the near future :)

I imported the old blog posts

What I mentioned on Tuesday is now done, at least the first step. I imported all the old blog posts from various blogs I started. Most of them are from the old Winona Ryder Fanpage but they contain a … more →

My current Poster Wall

Since 1997 or so I’ve been collecting movie posters, preferably the original US double-sided ones, and last year I painted the wall in one of my rooms at home in this very nice dark red (don’t … more →

Back.... way WAY back to the roots

It’s been quite some time since my last entry and in the last few weeks I decided to change that and it all started with going back to the thing I started in 2012. Back then I just wanted to do … more →

Some changes are coming soon! Stay tuned... oh and it's time to go back to English.